Glimpses of Catch wrestling in Johny Hendricks' techniques

I am long time BJJ practitioner but as a kid I always admired some techniques used by pro wrestlers during the golden era of pro wrestling. Nowadays, a lot of wrestling based submission grapplers are trying to categorize and create a curriculum of Catch wrestling techniques by studying legends like Karl Gotch, Lou Thesz and Billy Robinson. I find these techniques very interesting and I try to incorporate some of them to my MMA and BJJ arsenal.

Now, back to UFC 167!

Johny Hendricks is not a Catch as Catch Can wrestler. He is an accomplished former collegiate wrestler. However in his fight against GSP he used his wrestling to dominate GSP in a way that would make the aforementioned Catch wrestling legends very proud.

The first example is more of a freestyle wrestling technique than a Catch wrestling one. Hendricks was pushing GSP against the cage, going for a double leg takedown while Georges was probably going for a guillotine while applying a whizzer. Johny escaped using a front headlock of his own, forcing GSP to let go of the guillotine and defend. This is a front headlock counter used in wrestling and is so different from the standard defenses against a standing arm-in guillotine.


One may argue that the previous technique used by "Big Rig" is not a clear example of Catch wrestling so lets go to another one.

Seconds later, St. Pierre goes for a standing kimura. Hendricks' counter-move is a great catch wrestling technique that put GSP in danger for a second. It is a double wristlock counter to a hammerlock. Georges was able to escape but nevertheless it was a great attempt by Johny Hendricks.


For a detailed instructional please take a look at Tony Cecchine's video bellow.

In conclusion, BJJ will always be the main submission grappling art being used in MMA, but it is refreshing to see some Catch wresting moves being used in real fights by powerful wrestlers like Johny Hendricks.

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