You Have to Beat The Champ to be the Champ.

Fight scoring is werid. It is not a clear-picture thing where every tsingle hing makes sense and the sum of the parts that constitute said fight (rounds), when added up, either make up more or less than the whole.

Today I watched GSP vs Hendricks once more, again with my Nevada-tinted glasses. And, guess what? Georges St-Pierre won that fight. He's the champ, like it or not.I gave him rounds 2,3, and 5.

Now let's all wonder, what is the champ? Well, some of you may say that it is the guy who sits at the top of his weight division in the UFC, but that's not true. SO, again, who is this champ character? Well -- as of now: the champ is the guy who sits somewhere at the top of his division and is considered to be the legal winner of his last match for the championship by an organized legal body, as per the sporting rules and regulations of the state. Okay, now things are a little clearer. And we all agree to it, as does the UFC.

So, let's talk about watching the fight with my normal glasses: Hendricks won that fight. taking rounds 1,2, and 4. By a mile. He was never in trouble and always in control of his factulties -- he never struggled, not once. Even when giving 3 and 5 to Georges it just happened by a small margin b/c, in that round, Hendricks just wasn't doing that much but b/c of how the scoring criteria works I have to give those to GSP as they happen even when he's not doing damage and all his success rides on him controlling the flow of the fight. But why? Because of rules and regs.

Ok, why? What are these rules and regulations? Well, to that I'd say that they are crazed legalese and muck. Yet, under said legalese and muck we know that beating the champ happens under a different sort of standard than beating any other fighter.

Hurting the champ is not enough when you become inactive for one quarter of a round becuase for every explosive, thudding blow you land, the champ lands two to three tiny slaps, maybe even four, and gets you down and, good for you if you get back up relatively quick because that just means you just stopped caressing the mat. Because the champ is graded different than you are -- the champ gets rewarded of everything he does good along with his output even if all it does is get you to move around.

Because the champ gets brownie points.


And that was Hendricks' sin last night. He laughed at brownie points and kept humming that song of his between rounds, and acted with the temerity of common sense and assumed he was way ahead, obviously forgetting the fight he was in was taking place under Champ Rules. And Champ Rules Don't Fear the Beard.

GSP, on the other hand, was always busy; while in the middle of forgetting portions of what just happened to him, wondering what round he was in, and dealing with a pounding headache, he was consistent in his output throughout each round even when unsuccessful. And this is a fact. GSP never just stood there end took a break like Hendricks did.

Champ Rules decree that output and variety, not damage perse, wins fights. As someone here once told me, and I paraphrase "You don't have to do more damage to win a fight."

You were right, buddy.

So, yeah, GSP is the champ. Because those are the standards.

In short:









And that's just the way it is. And it is part of an endemic problem of not accounting for damage in fights and understanding how it relates to the idea of control of a fight.

"But how do we fix it?" Well, fuck, I dunno. How about fucking technology?

"Like what?" Okay, how about this:



How about fucking that?

"But Google owns that thing! I hate Google!" Okay, here's this other thing in moving pictures and such:

New MMA & Boxing Training Gloves with Sensors (via ElliottFightDynamics)

"But I don't know who Elliot Fight Dynamics are! And besides, are they 100% reliable??" Well, fuck, I don't know. But I know planes crash, cars crash, and hookers have STD's, but you don't see people quitting those.

So, really, if this problem of Brownie Points, which is a vulgar extension of the ignoring-damage problem, persists, it is because it is allowed to persist. It isn't an inherent facet of the sport anymore that can just be chalked to lack of education and a responsibility to try harder on behalf of those whose livelihood it wrecks.

Laters fukers. Have a good one.

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