Bellator 108: Rampage vs. Beltran live streaming video, results, discussion and play by play

Join us tonight on Bloody Elbow for live discussion and results for Bellator 108, which features Quinton "Rampage" Jackson vs. Joey Beltran, a Russia vs. Russia heavyweight title fight and the Featherweight Tournament finals.

Stop in and visit for live streaming video, results and discussion of tonight's Bellator 108: Rampage vs. Beltran event from Atlantic City, New Jersey.

UFC crossovers Quinton Jackson and Joey Beltran square off in the main event while Russian Alexander Volkov defends his heavyweight championship against undefeated countryman Vitaly Minakov. Justin Wilcox meets Patricio Freire in the Featherweight Tournament finals and lanky prospect Tom McKenna makes his promotional debut against battle-hardened bantamweight Marcos Galvao. The undercard might be worth a watch as well, as names like Nah-Shon Burrell, Jason Lambert, Tom DeBlass and exciting upstart Liam McGeary all dot the preliminary lineup.

Bloody Elbow will have live streaming video of the entire preliminary card at 7 p.m. ET. Play by play will commence with the Spike TV card at 9 p.m. ET.

*** We're live on Spike TV -- fight results descend below***

Quinton Jackson vs. Joey Beltran

R1: Beltran adheres right off the bat -- Rampage lands a stiff knee to the body and covers up for a quick Beltran flurry while exiting the clinch. Beltran does some kind of shuck and jive that Rampage doesn't like; he disengages and raises his arms. A lot of motion and circling from Beltran, who then clowns a bit by dropping his hands. Rampage uncorks a mean combination and Beltran counters it with clinch control.

Beltran fires a knee to the body and then changes levels to attack the waist. Rampage pummels under to stifle it and ejects a few uppercuts while exiting from the clinch. Beltran is back on him, again controlling in the clinch and then stepping back with flurries. Rampage uncorks a left-right and another knee to the breadbasket. And another. Beltran counters with two rights and a left downstairs from the clinch. Rampage walks him down and pieces together his signature left hook and a few sweeping hooks that miss. Rampage stays on the trigger with Beltran on the fence, landing a spearing knee to the body. Rampage unleashes another nasty salvo that drops Beltran, then connects with a right to seal the deal.

  • Quinton "Rampage" Jackson defeats Joey Beltran by KO (punches), Round 1.

Sam Oropeza vs. Chip Moraza-Pollard

R1: Oropeza, looking a full weight class bigger, exchanges with Pollard for a few before plastering him with a perfectly timed left cross about 30 seconds in. And that's that.

Vitaly Minakov vs. Alexander Volkov (Bellator Heavyweight Championship)

R1: Minakov looks to shrink the gap quickly and aggressively but eats a few retreating lefts from the taller Volkov. Minakov barrels in again but fakes the takedown and fires an upward knee to the head with the single collar tie. Minakov still engaging Volkov ferociously; Volkov slips into the body lock with his back on the fence and puts the burly Minakov on his back, but Minakov just power sweeps into top position.

The ref separates them after some lukewarm top control and Minakov dings Volkov on the chin with a brutal uppercut that cans him. Minakov devours Volkov with a stream of punches but he shockingly seems to gather his wits and regain his ground. Minakov continues undaunted and referee Dan Miragliotta has seen enough.Vitaly Minakov remains undefeated and snares the Bellator Heavyweight Championship with another merciless beating.

  • Vitaly Minakov defeats Alexander Volkov by TKO (punches), Round 1

Liam McGeary vs. Najim Wali -- Light Heavyweight bout

R1: McGeary unravels some long and mean lefts but gets taken down for his aggression. McGeary is all limbs and angles off his back and stands back up. McGeary hammers an elbow from the clinch that crumples Wali, then takes his back. McGeary recklessly pursues a smattering of sloppy armbars but his relentless pace forgives it by keeping Wali on the defense. McGeary stays on the trigger with successive submission attempts and finally goes belly down to get the armbar.

Tom McKenna vs. Marcos Galvao -- Bantamweight bout

R1: McKenna comes out peppering with hard step-in jabs. Galvao counter-clinches as McKenna's coming in, slips around to the rear waist cinch and drags McKenna down, taking his back and digging in both hooks instantly. Galvao surfs on McKenna, taking full mount and then going back to back mount as McKenna tries to spin out and squirm. This repeats for almost a minute and "Loro" is either hunting for submissions or clubbing with punches throughout the grappling transitions.

Galvao goes high on the back and climbs over for a risky armbar attempt that's loose enough for McKenna to slip out of. The respite is brief as Galvao plants him on his back easily and seemingly teleports to back control. This time Galvao postures up and thuds down a series of right-lefts that end the fight.

  • Marcos Galvao defeats Tom McKenna by TKO (punches), Round 1

Justin Wilcox vs. Patricio Freire (Featherweight Tournament finals)

R1: Wilcox barges in with a crouched combination and apologizes for the accidental clash of heads it causes. Pitbull shows his forgiveness with a slicing jab that snaps to the head. Pitbull quickly turns up the heat and starts to swarm Wilcox's head with short and powerful bursts of leather when he tries to close distance. Pitbull's heavy hands cause Wilcox to freeze as soon as he plants to throw power.

Pitbull zings a one-two through and Wilcox wobbles but looks to motion as if it were an eye poke. Pitbull literally waves off his concern and then forms up a blistering flurry that drops Wilcox. The ref steps in amidst follow-up punches.

  • Patricio "Pitbull" Freire defeats Justin Wilcox by TKO (punches), Round 1

Preliminary Card (streaming on Bloody Elbow at 7:00 p.m. ET)

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