TUF: The Comeback 2014, Who's in?

This is just a bit of fun taken from a few calls I heard on MMAJunkie Radio. I decided to roll with it because I think it could be highly entertaining. As with the last comeback season of TUF, many of these fighters are not doing so good in terms of winning the majority of their most recent fights but still there are some big name fighters who would definitely bring entertainment value to the show. The shows premise could be that only the winner actually gets a UFC contract (per the original TUF), that way the fighters really would put their all into training, fighting and all other aspects of the show.

The weight division I have decided to go with is, Heavyweight, a division in dire need of some depth. Obviously I'm not expecting any of these guys to be challenging for the title anytime soon but they could at least present some of the current UFC fighters with a challenge.

Dave Herman - UFC Record 1-4

Dave Herman has recently been released from the UFC so he may still be a little fresh in peoples minds. Although he found himself on the end of a 1-4 run with the company and with a positive drug test (marijuana) he does still hold some qualities. He is a very quirky guy who would entertain viewers and you never know training with other heavyweights may improve his own game.

Brett Rogers - ZUFFA Record 0-1

Okay so I cheated on this one a little bit. Brett Rogers never fought for the UFC but he does hold a Strikeforce appearance under the ZUFFA banner. Rogers has had his fair share of problems outside of the cage but inside he is a bit of a headhunter. He has a good knockout ratio and most of his losses have been to very good competition. There could be a good angle here, 'bad guy turns good' or something along those lines.

Heath Herring - UFC Record 2-3

Heath Herring hasn't fought since 2008 and is now a fully fledged poker player but I can't seem to remember him ever officially retiring. He is still only 35 so he could possibly manage a few more years. He is quite a character and he will forever be remembered for his pre- fight shenanigans against Yoshihiro Nakao. This is a long shot but it would be worth asking him as he was an entertaining fighter.

Phil De Fries - UFC Record 2-3

Phil De Fries is another fighter who has recently been released by the UFC. He is a British fighter who specializes in Jiu-Jitsu. His main downfall was his stand up (He was stopped Three times by strikes in the UFC). Being in a house training with other good strikers could help improve him to the point where he could be a decent UFC Heavyweight once again. With De Fries being British it would also make the British fans more inclined to watch the show.

Sokoudjou - UFC Record 1-2

Sokoudjou has recently stepped up to fight at Heavyweight. Sokoudjou may be a little undersized at 5'10 but he certainly loves a fight. He is one of those fighters who either knocks you out or goes out on his shield. He has a pretty mediocre record at this point but maybe this show could help him get his career heading back in the right direction. He does after all have some notable wins over fighters such as 'Lil Nog' and Ricardo Arona. If he can get back to those glory days he may be on to something.

Christian Morecraft - UFC Record 1-3

Christian Morecraft has become somewhat a ghost since leaving the UFC. He has only fought once since then, picking up a win against Randy Smith at CFX 23. At 27 years old he still has a lot of years left in his career and this show could be the platform to get him back to that UFC level. It would also give him the exposure and opportunity to improve on his skill set while training with more experienced veterans.

Tim Sylvia - UFC Record 9-4

Tim Sylvia does not hide the fact that he wants to fight in the UFC again. A former champion (who has been on a really bad slide as of late) giving it one last push at glory. It would be the story of the series if Sylvia won. Sylvia is still remembered by most UFC fans as the man that Randy Couture put away back in 2007 to win the UFC Heavyweight Title. This would be his chance to prove himself to be a better fighter and to really gain some momentum for the latter part of his career.

Andrei Arlovski - UFC Record 10-4

Andrei Arlovski is still going strong, currently fighting for WSOF. He has still been putting in good performances for smaller promotions going 5-1-0-1NC (although that No Contest should have been a win) in his last Seven fights. While that's good, everyone knows that the UFC is where all the best Heavyweights want to be. Arlovski would no doubt be one of the favorites for this series but it would be up to him to translate that potential into winning ways.

So what division and fighters would you pick? Lemme know as I'm intrigued to whoother fight fans would have.

Written by Ryan Naylor MMA enthusiast/predictor and writer

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