Prospects to Watch this Weekend

This week isn't deep on prospects, but all three guys should be in the UFC with-in their next 2-3 fights. I'm not perfect, if I've missed a fight that you know of... or someone has pulled out of a fight let me know in the comments section.

LegacyFC - 15 Nov - Houston, TX


Carlos Diego Ferreira (8-0) vs. Jorge Patino (31-13-2)

Age: 28

Height: 5'8

#7 Lightweight

Ferreira is coming off quality wins over Carlo Prater, and previously undefeated Team Takedown fighter Chris Feist in his last two fights. Now Carlos will fight UFC, Pride, and Strikeforce vet Patino in the headline for Legacy. Ferreira is a Brazilian native, and BJJ Blackbelt who operates his own gym in Texas. It is likely that he has more MMA fights than the eight official fights on his record, as he competed under the name Carlos Diego for at least one fight.


Henry Cejudo (5-0) vs. Humberto DeLeon (6-5) Saul Elizondo (6-3)

Age: 26

Height: 5'4

#1 Bantamweight (but now fighting at Flyweight)

Cejudo the 2008 Olympic Gold Medalist went the distance for the first time in his last fight. Henry isn't just a skilled wrestler, but he also has multiple amateur boxing matches in the Arizona Copper Gloves before starting his MMA career earlier this year. His athletic ability hasn't, and probably won't be matched by many of his opponents especially outside of the UFC. It is only a matter of time before UFC comes calling for Cejudo if he can pick up another win or two. Despite being a US Olympian, both of Cejudo's parents are from Mexico, and UFC will likely look at him to help promote fights when UFC goes to Mexico in 2014.

*Update* It was just announced today (Thursday) that Cejudo's opponent has pulled out of the fight, and he will get his 3rd scheduled opponent for this card.

TWC - 16 Nov - Lansing, MI


Kevin Lee (6-0) vs. Eric Moon (11-10)

Age: 21

Height: 5'8

Lee is the anti-Jason Reinhardt and has built his 6-0 record against quality opponents. His opponents are all above .500, and have a combined record is 34-13 (that record includes the 6 losses to Lee). Four of them were undefeated before facing Lee. Kevin took up wrestling as a Junior in high school, and was good enough to be a two year starter for NAIA Grand Valley State. While wrestling in college he racked up a 10-0 amateur MMA record before giving up his final two years of eligibility to try the pro MMA ranks. He uses his wrestling base, but is quickly rounding out his game and looks very comfortable on his feet. Lee will certainly be on the big show radar soon.

Review from last week:

Shooto - 9 Nov - Tokyo, Japan


Ryuichi Miki (15-6-4) picked up a UD victory over Yosuke Saruta (7-4-2). Miki has now won 5 of 6, with the only blemish being a draw in his previous fight with Saruta.

No Contest - 9 Nov - Kwidzny, Poland


ADCC 2013 competitor Oskar Piechota (3-0-1) fought to a draw with Rafal Haratyk (3-1-2).

Pacific Xtreme Combat - 9 Nov - Manila, Philippines


Louis Smolka (5-1) picked up the PXC FLW title with a TKO win over Ale Cali (5-2).

Bekzod Abdurakhmonoz (4-0) did not have an MMA fight this weekend, but he did finish 4th at the New York Athletic Club Freestyle wrestling invitational.

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