BECW Season 7 - UFC Fight Night: Belfort vs. Henderson Recap - PLAYOFFS Edition

Much to the dismay of everyone, the first playoff event of this season of the BECW kicked off last Saturday with UFC Fight Night: Belfort vs. Henderson in the third Brazilian WTF event of the season. And while Vitor Belfort notched up his third consecutive head kick knockout victory, 4 teams moved on to the semi-final round while 4 other teams have been sent to rethink where their lives went horribly wrong. Existential crises aside, I got some numbers for you, which I'm sure you ungrateful jerks have been waiting for, so cut that bitching out and scroll down.

Individual scores, UFN 32

Rank Name Score
1 #7 swiftman 88
2 #119 tomvale13 86
3 #113 Careful Icarus 83
4 #68 afrotikiman 72
5 (C) Our Bovine Public 71
5 #1 Shawn91111 71
7 #21 Fedorable 70
8 #23 skeebop 69
9 #26 alxn 68
9 #91 MaZZacare 68
11 #6 DetroitDrew1980 67
11 #20 sun yue 67
11 #117 It's Always Raining In Negadelphia 67
14 #85 Discoandherpes 66
15 (C) Manch1ld 65
15 (C) Ron Swanson 65
15 #33 Pat Tzu 65
15 #73 Tats16 65
19 #27 Sweet Scientist 64
20 #47 Waristotle 63

The swiftman cometh for the playoffs, as he ended up placing 3rd overall on MMAPlayground for this event. Props to Australian straight jacket enthusiast, tomvale13 and Careful Icarus for placing 6th and 9th, respectively on PG. Afrotikiman rose from the dark lands of the banned to post up the 4th highest score, while Captain, OBP and #1 overall pick, Shawn91111111111111111111111 share the 5th spot.

Individual scores, Overall

Rank Name Score Change
1 #7 swiftman 541 +2
2 #113 Careful Icarus 536 +1
3 #1 Shawn91111 522 +2
4 #21 Fedorable 514 +6
5 #33 Pat Tzu 508 +7
5 #76 Hurricane_Heron 508 +3
7 #55 slipnrip 507 -6
8 #42 grizzlyatoms 499 +6
8 #78 JakeHopkins 499 -6
10 #57 StevenGiles 498 +7
11 (C) Sugel Mendoza 492 -3
11 #88 memitim 492 +1
11 #94 inthepipes 492 -4
14 #58 euthanatos 490 -4
15 #4 Patrick Wyman 489 +8
16 #6 DetroitDrew1980 486 +12
16 #9 John Danaher's Hair 486 -2
18 #90 1N87 481 -
19 #44 king of the dogs 480 -3
19 #92 pookie_gnome 480 -13

Swiftman's performance allowed him to leapfrog 2 spots to the coveted #1 spot for the season. Can he keep up his high scores enough for him to finish #1 overall once again? Will the precocious Careful Icarus, only 5 spots behind him, steal the MVP award from him? Will it be the wily veteran, ShawnManyNumbers, who pulls a trick up his sleeve to take the individual championship for himself? Will an unlikely hero emerge from the field? Will someone out of the top 20 bitch about not having their ranking shown because they suck too much? Are these questions annoying as fuck? These questions and many more will unravel in the next two events.

Grand Prix Playoffs Event 1 Standings


The Disrespectful Pieces of Shit keep on rolling, assisted by the BECW leading 88 points put up by Swiftman, as well as the 71 by captain, OBP and the efforts of some other role players. AMSAC was lead by Careful Icarus, who put up a valiant effort that was basically negated by Tim Burke's black hole of suck. Wanderlei Industries had the highest scoring total of the event, which was certainly due to the 8 players they had scoring above average, with tomvale13's 86 being the highest of all. Stupid-Ass Flying Knee turned out to make some stupid-ass picks, getting outscored by 106 points.


Marcu$'s Mr. Men, while unable to either pick a fucking name or clinch a playoff spot until the last event of the regular season, upset the #2 seeded Picking You Like Candy. Fuck you Marcu$. PYLC had a Grand Prix-low 508 points as they fell to the Mr. Men, who only had 5 players above average for the event, all of whom will can go fuck themselves. Meanwhile, Dave Strummer goes another season without a BECW Championship and I will curse Marcu$ for the rest of his BECW days. The 209 Excuse Factory had help all around their team, with 9 players above average, as Newt bested rookie captain, Hayabusa2000, who put up an admirable effort in his first campaign as a captain. I think I speak for the other captains when I say: may your future days as a captain be one heartbreaking failure after another. Did I mention, fuck Marcu$?

Grand Prix Bracket and Semifinal Round



DPOS and WI will meet in an epic clash that I don't give a shit about. I hope this shit ends in a tie.


Violent Newt reps the 209 against Marcu$'s Mr. Men, who I hope the same kind of failure that James Krause felt after his phantom dick kick flop.

Consolation Bracket


In a battle between insanity and hideousness, PFP's AMSAC takes on Josh Hall and the team name that isn't as good as his last one. On the other side, I lead my Picking You Like Candy against the Viacommunists in a battle between good and evil that the Commies are not on the evil side of.

Bland Prix


The search for the worst of the worst continues, as the Bland Prix sees the Tristars ride their tricycles to battle against the Bitch-Ass Lady Sounds, who have been making a lot of their name sake this season. Andy's Asshole Assortments, eternally butthurt, go head to head against the Tears of the Shogun, led by the King of the Crybabies and Tzar of Terrible Taste, SPA.



For Anyone Who Bothers Reading This Far Down...

The Spreadsheet for this event is right here. Use it to check your individual score for this event and shit. Or not, whatever, it's not like I'm getting paid for this shit.

The next event of the BECW is this Saturday, so if you want to return for next season, make your picks or you more than likely won't. And if you're in the Grand Prix and miss picks, you will be mocked for the rest of your days and be cursed by your teammates. Unless you're in Marcu$'s team, then by all means, don't make your picks.

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