NSAC's Keith Kizer lays out steps for Vitor Belfort to fight for the UFC title in Las Vegas

Ethan Miller

The Executive Director of the Nevada State Athletic Commission has a vision for how Vitor Belfort could get licensed to fight again in Nevada and maybe he can even use testosterone replacement therapy.

It must be the week following another amazing fight winning knock out by Vitor Belfort. Based on all the hand-wringing and beard-pulling about steroids, testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) and performance enhancing drugs (PEDs). But never fear, Keith Kizer, the E.D. of the NSAC isn't falling into a panic. No, our man at the commish has a step-by-step plan to license Vitor Belfort to fight in Nevada now that he's earned another shot at the UFC Middleweight title.

Kizer talked to MMA Fighting's Shaun Al-Shatti:

"Due to his past, Mr. Belfort would need to go before the Commission if he applies for a TRT TUE," Kizer told MMAFighting.com. "This is not anything new. (For example, I would not administratively grant Antonio Margarito a contestant's license so he had to appear before the full Commission -- likewise, Dave Herman.)

"The Commissioners could grant (with or without condition), deny, or take other action on any such application."

While Kizer has voiced doubts in the past about whether Belfort would be granted a TUE by the NSAC, when asked about the scenario on Monday, Kizer responded that he couldn't say what the outcome would be for certain, and that any final verdict, "would be up to the five Commissioners."

Back in late-2006, Belfort infamously failed a post-fight drug test in Nevada, then disregarded the NSAC's subsequent nine-month suspension and fought overseas in London the following April.

Regardless, if the situation arises, Belfort doesn't anticipate running into any problems in Nevada.

"It's easy, Chael Sonnen's fighting in Las Vegas," Belfort said on Saturday. "We here, we do everything by the book. I'm just gonna take my blood right now, after [the press conference], so everything is good. We can get licensed, that's no problem."

Zach Arnold at Fight Opinion is less sanguine:

"No matter what Keith Kizer says." Translation = give Vitor Belfort his pass to use anabolic steroids. Religion isn't the only thing Vitor is thankful for in his life. If the church doesn't do it for you, though, right down the block is a pharmacy.

Keith Kizer isn't going to reject UFC's demands. He owes his job security to the UFC and their political fixers. After the royal screw-up in the Floyd Mayweather fight with judge Cynthia Ross, Kizer kept his job thanks to a cadre of political fixers ranging fromMarc Ratner (who helped Kizer take over NSAC), Lorenzo Fertitta (who dealt with Kizer when Kizer handled gaming matters at the Attorney General's office), Skip Avansino (NSAC boss), and Sig Rogich (top Nevada politico with national public relations firm & owner of UFC stalking horse World Series of Fighting). These men are keeping Kizer's job security alive. The man is going to do whatever the hell they tell him to do. There's a reason Chael Sonnen, the king of testosterone users, is a "consultant" to Nevada's commission on the matter.

Well, there's that.

Currently there is a wave of negative mainstream media coverage about mixed martial arts, head injuries, kid's MMA, and steroids. It may be that the UFC and Fox Sports will come to regret giving the green light to fighters using PEDs in the Octagon.

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