Striking Simplified

Hello Bloody Elbow community! I apologize for being inactive during the very exciting (fight) month of September. I also regret it quite a bit as I missed out on some truly exciting analytical work.

I used this time to reflect on some of my martial art goals, and I realized Striking Simplified ought to be one of them. For weeks, I dedicated hours everyday on research, writing, and mapping out the project. Though the sections are not complete, I feel an urge to show the Bloody Elbow community.

Here is a snippet of the homepage (so far, there are 10 pieces):


(Continue by going to

Given the short time I've been writing on Bloody Elbow, I'll assume most of you have not read my analytical work. So far, I've written 7 articles, 6 of which can be categorized into 3 series. In these series, very generous individuals have given them positive feedback (some including Jack Slack, Firas Zahabi, Uriah Hall). But most importantly, it's the Bloody Elbow community that have shown the most support, giving me the confidence and motivation to keep going after each article.

If you are wondering, my matchup breakdowns will continue shortly and it will remain on Bloody Elbow. On another hand, I would really appreciate some feedback on my project (I invested some serious hours to it!). Your feedback would certainly point me towards constructive directions and help me develop the project better.

You can reach me either on here, by e-mail, via twitter, on facebook, or even the comment sections of Striking Simplified. One thing I will aim to do is to remain highly responsive.

In the future, if the project is likeable, I'll be pulling in potential contributors in my network (ranges from weak-tie to strong-tie): some being elite coaches, fighters, private consultants, and amateur champions. As always, thank you for your time.

Twitter ; Facebook ; Website

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