UFC Fight Night 32's Vitor Belfort would drop TRT for a title fight

Chris Trotman

Just over a week out from his fight with Hendo, Belfort discusses his TRT use saying he'd quit it for a UFC title shot.

Next week, Light Heavyweight Vitor Belfort will face Dan Henderson in a rematch of their Pride 32 fight 7 years ago. Henderson came out on top in that fight, scoring a unanimous decision over "The Phenom". Following the bout, Belfort failed his post-fight drug test for 4-hydroxytestosterone. That failed test, alongside Belfort's current testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) have made him one of the more controversial fighters in the sport.

In a recent interview with UOL, Belfort discussed his need and use of the treatment (via MMA Fighting):

However, Belfort revealed in an interview to UOL that he was already on the testosterone replacement therapy when he fought Silva, back in 2011.

"I’ve (been doing this) for three years," Belfort said. "I did some exams and they saw I had low testosterone levels. The doctor said ‘Vitor, we need to do something. I don’t know if you agree with this, but it’s important that you do it.’ And it was done."

"If you has something, if you need something, do it the right way. That’s what I do. I do blood tests all the time… It’s a process that you have to do."

The thing is, I’m in normal testosterone levels with TRT. That’s the treatment. People don’t seem to understand that I’m the only guy that does blood tests. Many fighters don’t do this, many use illegal stuff and are not tested like I am. I’m tested all the time. Week after week, month after month. I have to keep the levels normal to make it fair."

Additionally, Belfort reiterated that he would be willing to stop using TRT if he was offered a title shot:

"I’ve already said that, if they agree with it, I would (stop doing TRT)," he said. "No problem at all. If they want me to get there in a disadvantage, that’s ok."

Despite coming close to upsetting Jones with an armbar at UFC 152, Belfort hasn't won a fight at 205 lbs. since 2007. However, he's 5-2 in the UFC with all his wins coming by early finishes and his only losses to dominant champions in Jon Jones and Anderson Silva. Both he and Henderson will be using TRT for their fight on November 9 at the Goiania Arena in Goiania, Brazil.

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