Hendricks' goal is to put GSP away with his right hand


Johny Hendricks looking to let the world know that he has power in both hands when he faces UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre at UFC 167.

Johny Hendricks is becoming increasingly well known for two things, the substantial beard he sports on fight night, and the left hand he tends to use to end fights. When Hendricks faces UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre in the main event of UFC 167 the beard will be present, but the left hand? Hendricks recently said that's something fans shouldn't necessarily count on seeing.

Hendricks (15-1) has ended five of his UFC fights by knockout. His three most recent knockouts have three things in common. First, they all won Hendricks Knockout of the Night honors. Second, they call came in the first round. Third, they all came via Hendricks' left hand.

History has many thinking that the left hand will be the main weapon that Hendricks will rely on when he attempts to become the first fighter since 2007 to defeat St-Pierre. Not so, says Hendricks, who told FightHubTV.com that he has just as much power in his right hand:

I can lay you out with both hands. Everybody thinks that my left hand is the hand that's going to do it, but my goal is to put him away and knock him out with my right. I am hurting people with my right hand in the gym, so that's what it's about, letting the world know I can do it with both (hands).

As for those that think St-Pierre's wrestling will take Hendricks' striking out of the equation, Hendricks seemed less than concerned about that happening:

That's what I want I want to do. I want to run into those takedowns. Just wait, I got stuff for that takedown. I'm a wrestler too, that's what people forget. I know how to defeat a wrestler. I know how to stay away from takedowns.

I don't know exactly who forgets that Hendricks is a wrestler, but if they are forgetting that fact, they're making a huge mistake. Hendricks was a member of the Oklahoma State University wrestling squad, winning two national championships during his time with the school. He's a little more than just a wrestler.

In his last six fights, Hendricks has been taken down a total of two times. Included in those fights were contests against strong wrestlers Mike Pierce, Jon Fitch, and Josh Koscheck.

Hendricks seems very confident that he will be the one to end the reign of St-Pierre.

As for the beard, Hendricks promises he will deliver his "best growth yet" for his title fight.

UFC 167 will take place on November 16 from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

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