ADCC 2013 Results and GIFs

Kron Gracie stretches before a match next to his father, Rickson Gracie. - Esther Lin, MMA Fighting.

Select bits of action at ADCC 2013 in Beijing, China were GIFed up by our resident wizard, ZombieProphet. Fifteen GIFs of some of the finest submission grappling and the medal results are within.

Moving like the "g" in "lasagna", the real gangsta that is Zombie Prophet went ahead and made fifteen GIFs of the two day ADCC 2013 event in Beijing, China. Naturally, he focused on the submissions and the high octane action, so enjoy his work.

Day 1 GIFs


1) Andre Galvao sinks in rear naked choke on Braulio Estima in Superfight. One of the best matches ever.


2) Keenan Cornelius applies a brabo on Oskar Piechota -88kg


3) Joao Assis takes the back of Liu Wen Bo, who survived to a decision. -99kg


4) Otavio Sousa rear naked chokes Youngnam Noh -77kg


5) Rico Vieira guillotine on Yuta Sasaski -66kg

Day 2 GIFs


1) Romulo Barral and Rafael Lovato Jr. in the -88kg final.

No submission actually happened and Romulo won on points.


2) Michelle Nicolini heelhooks Luana Alzuguir in the -60kg final.


3) Pablo Popovitch and Rafael Lovato Jr. in an -88kg semi-final. RLJ won by advantages.


4) Buchecha Almeida heelhooks Joao Gabriel in the +99kg final.


5) Joao Assis gets the back of Dean Lister in the -99kg final. Assis won on points.


6) Kron Gracie guillotines Otavio Sousa, after a tactical

stalling strategy by Otavio goes wrong in the -77kg final.


7) Cyborg Abreu taking Keenan Cornelius's back in an Absolute semi-final.


8) Keenan taking Dean Lister's back in the Absolute bronze medal match.


9) Cyborg Abreu on Kamil Uminski's back in the first round of the Absolute.


10) Cyborg vs. Buchecha in the Absolute finals.


Absolute (openweight) medalists:

Gold - Roberto "Cyborg" Abreu

Silver - Marcus "Buchecha" Almeida

Bronze - Keenan Cornelius

+99 kg medalists:

Gold - Marcus "Buchecha" Almeida

Silver - Joao Gabriel Oliveira Rocha

Bronze - Roberto "Cyborg" Abreu

-99 kg medalists:

Gold - Joao Assis

Silver - Dean Lister

Bronze - Leonardo Nogueira

-88 kg medalists:

Gold - Romulo Barral

Silver - Rafael Lovato Jr.

Bronze - Keenan Cornelius

-77 kg medalists:

Gold - Kron Gracie

Silver - Otavio Sousa

Bronze - JT Torres

-66 kg medalists:

Gold - Rubens "Cobrinha" Charles

Silver - Rafael Mendes

Bronze - Justin Rader

Women's +60 kg medalists:

Gold - Gabrielle Garcia

Silver - Maria Malyjasiak

Bronze - Tammy Griego

Women's -60 kg medalists:

Gold - Michelle Nicolini

Silver - Luana Alzuguir

Bronze - Seiko Yamamoto

Superfight #1: Andre Galvao wins by rear naked choke over Braulio Estima

Superfight #2: "Ze" Mario Sperry wins by points over Fabio "The General" Gurgel

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