Who Should Fight Who? UFC Fight Night 26 Winners & Losers


Here is another Who Should Fight Who.

Sonnen should fight Evans - Reason: Sonnen looked fantastic, he was winning the fight with his wrestling, then he jumped on a guillotine choke and finished the fight. He proved once again that hes not just a great wrestler, he does have good JJ skills. It looked like for a little bit that he was going to be fighting Wanderlei Silva next but Wanderlei was saying he wanted PPV points and he also wasn't going to be able to fight for a while so that fights not going to happen right now. Sonnen will be fighting Rashad Evans at UFC 167, it'll be the Co Main. I like this fight a lot, Sonnen will have the chance to beat two former UFC champs in a row. That'd be a great accomplishment. I'm happy with this fight, it makes sense and its a solid fight name wise and stylistically. Its a big fight and I'm looking forward to it.

Rua should fight Te Huna - Reason: Shogun got caught in a choke, it sucks but its not the worst way to lose, especially when it was in the first round and they were both still relatively dry. I think he'll bounce back in his next fight. I had three guys in mind for Shogun's next fight, Ryan Bader, Lil Nog and James Te Huna. It looks like Shogun's going to be fighting James Te Huna at UFC Fight Night 33 in Australia and I love it. I'm very happy with this fight and it should be fucking awesome. I'm really looking forward to this one.

Browne should fight Barnett - Reason: Browne took a beating from Overeem. I felt the fight should have been stopped when Overeem was pounding on him after he hurt Browne badly to the body but it wasn't and Browne ended up knocking Reem out. Browne showed how tough he was and really impressed me with his come from behind KO win over Overeem. It was great. I wanted to see Browne fight Stipe Miocic next and it looked like it was going to happen but hes going to be fighting Josh Barnett instead which was who everyone thought he'd be fighting initially. I'm fine with this fight, I thought it was going to happen but then once the Miocic fight was announced I was really excited but I still like this fight and I'm expecting a war.

Overeem should fight Mir - Reason: Oh Overeem. The guy looked great once again but still lost. Just like in the Bigfoot fight he was kicking ass and then ends up getting knocked out. He doesn't keep his hands up, he needs to pace himself a little more and when a guy throws a front kick 5+ times he needs to be ready for that and block them not take one to the face. So frustrating to watch as an Overeem fan. Hes fighting Frank Mir next who is also desperate for a win so I'm expecting a great fight. These guys both need a win very badly. The loser of this fight will probably be cut.

Faber should fight McDonald - Reason: Faber was in a bit of danger in the first round but he survived and dominated the rest of the fight. Just outclassed Alcantara who is a beast and is only going to get better. Faber just dominated him with his superior grappling. Faber won that night and so did Michael McDonald so we all pretty much were calling for them to fight each other next and thats whats going to happen. Its going to be an absolute war, I wish it was a five rounder but its only three. Still, its going to be a fantastic fight.

Alcantara should fight Pickett - Reason: Alcantara looked good early but Faber was just too much for him. Hes a great talent and I think hes going learn a lot from that loss. Hes going to keep improving and I expect him to look great in his next fight. I'd like to see him fight Brad Pickett next. This fight makes sense and I think it'd be great. It has Fight of the night written all over it. I hope that fight happens. Alcantara could also fight Kyung Ho Kang or Mike Easton.

Brown should fight Condit - Reason: Brown's a maniac and I love it. The dude is just ultra aggressive and doesn't give a damn. Comes out swinging and knocks Pyle out in less than a minute, bounced his head of the mat like a basketball. Brown's on fire and I'd say hes one win away from a title shot. I thought he was fighting Tarec Saffiedine next and I actually thought it was signed but I guess it wasn't because Brown will be fighting Carlos Condit at UFC on FOX 9 and that fights going to be crazy. I'm really looking forward to it, expect to see Brown come out guns blazing once again.

Pyle should fight Alves - Reason: Pyle just got swarmed on by Brown and couldn't really do anything to stop the storm of fists and knees. It was brutal, his head was literally bouncing off the canvas like a basketball. I do think he'll come back strong in his next fight, hes a solid veteran who is still improving at the age of 38 which is very impressive. For his next fight I'd like to see him face Thiago Alves. Hes been out for a while now, hes been dealing with some injuries and if hes healthy I think this would be a great fight. I really like this fight and it makes sense to me. I hope this fight gets booked. Pyle could also fight Robert Whittaker or Pascal Kruass.

Howard should fight Leites - Reason: Howard looked good and I couldn't be happier. I've always been a fan of this guy, hes tough as nails and he did a good job in his first stint in the UFC but then he faced some top notch guys, lost and was released, he then went on to smash a bunch of dudes a couple of miles from my house. He fought the very talented Uriah Hall, it was a good fight and I was bit surprised that Howard got the decision but I was happy for him. For his next fight I'd like to see him face Thales Leites. This fight makes sense to me and I really hope it gets booked. Howard could also fight Brad Tavares or Tom Lawlor.

Hall should fight Leben - Reason: Dana White says that Uriah Hall isn't a fighter and he doesn't have killer instinct, I think thats ridiculous. Hall's a very talented fighter, hes just run into two tough guys in his last two fights. I expect him to really impress in his next fight and get everyone back on the bandwagon. Hes fighting Chris Leben next and I just feel this is a great fight for Hall and a terrible fight for Leben. This could be a great fight but I think it'll be a one sided affair. Either way I'm excited about this one.

Johnson should fight Tibau - Johnson kicked the crap out of Lauzon. It was ridiculous. Lauzon just didn't show up, he was Johnson's punching bag for 15 minutes. It was a very impressive performance, Johnson looked great. I wanted to see Johnson fight Gleison Tibau next and thats exactly who hes going to be fighting. I'm very happy about this. Its going to be a great fight. The Winner of this fight will probably crack the top 10. I'm pumped for this one.

Lauzon should fight Danzig - Reason: Lauzon took a beating, one of the worst beatings I've seen in a while. I don't know what happened, I still think Lauzon's the better fighter but he just didn't show up that night. He was frozen in front of Johnson and just couldn't do anything the entire fight. I think he'll bounce back in his next fight, he should dominate this fight. Hes fighting Mac Danzig next, Danzig's a good fighter but I don't think hes on Lauzon's level. I like this fight I thought Lauzon would get someone ranked a little higher but its still a good fight. Looking forward to it.

McDonald should fight Faber - Reason: Michael McDonald is an animal. He went back and forth with Brad Pickett for the better part of the first round, getting the better of every exchange, He had Pickett hurt over and over in that first round. Pickett's tough as hell, then in the second round he continues to pound away on Pickett and ends up submitting him. It was a beautiful performance, he showed that hes well rounded and one of the scariest guys not only in the division but in the UFC. Hes a beast and hes fighting one of the best fighters of all time Uriah Faber, this fight made too much sense not to happen. Its going down at UFC on FOX 9, it will no doubt be a #1 contender fight and I expect a war. Can't wait for this one.

Pickett should fight Alcantara - Reason: Pickett is one of my favorites and hes one of the toughest fighters to ever compete in the Octagon. The dude took an absolute beating and a lesser fighter would have been finished early in round one but he kept going somehow. He lost the fight but the man's a warrior and I hope he stays in the UFC until he retires. For his next fight I'd like to see him fact Yuri Alcantara. I like this fight, it makes sense and I hope it happens. Pickett could also fight Kyung Ho Kang or Ivan Menjivar.

McGregor should fight Jung - Reason: McGregor looked great again but he didn't get the finish that he wanted and most of his fans expected. That was due to Max Holloway's toughness, he hit him with some solid shots that would have put other guys down. It was a very good fight and McGregor shined. Hes going to be out for a while and I figure he'll be ready to go around the same time as Chan Sung Jung. I want to see this fight, it makes sense and I hope it happens next. It would be a fantastic fight and I think its the perfect fight to make once McGregor's 100%. I'm hoping Jung will be ready to go once McGregor's healed up. Really hoping this fight gets booked.

Holloway should fight Brown- Reason: Holloway did a decent job, I expected him to get outstruck for 15 minutes or get knocked out and he didn't get knocked out so props to him. Holloway's still very young and he has a bright future, I want to see him fight Mike Brown. Brown was just knocked out cold by Steven Siler and I suspect hes on his way out so I want to see Holloway fight him now. It makes sense and I think it'd be a very good fight. Hope it gets booked. Holloway could also fight Felipe Arantes or Hatsu Hioki.

Siler should fight Bermudez - Reason: Siler pretty much shocked the world when he knocked Mike Brown out. I expected him to win but I definitely didn't think he would knock him out or finish the fight as fast as he did. It was his most impressive performance to date. It was awesome. This guy is the real deal and he has really improved since coming off the Ultimate Fighter. Another man who has improved since his stint on TUF is Dennis Bermudez, he will be fighting Steven Siler and I love this fight. Its the right time for these two to finally fight. They were on the same season of TUF together and they've both been on a tear since leaving the house. I'm pumped for this fight, I'm expecting a war.

Brown should fight Holloway - Reason: Brown got laid out and nobody saw that coming. I thought Siler would out work him and take a decision, never dreamed he would knock him out. I think Brown's close to calling it quits, we'll see if thats true in his next fight. I want to see him face Max Holloway. I like this fight, it makes sense and it would be a good scrap. Hope it happens. Brown could also fight Hatsu Hioki or Felipe Arantes.

Brandao should fight Poirier - Reason: Brandao looked good, nothing to write home about. Hes very talented but his cardio needs some work. Hes definitely going to need to be in better shape for his next fight. Hes fight Dustin Poirier and this is a huge jump up in competition in my opinion. Its a big fight for Brandao, if he beats Poirier he'll crack the top ten and he'll be a lot closer to a title shot than he is right now. Honestly I think Poirier will dominate this fight but I'm hoping its competitive. Should be a fun fight.

Pineda should fight Peralta - Reason: Daniel Pineda will probably be cut but if he isn't I'd like to see him fight Robbie Peralta. That fight makes sense to me and I think it would be a good one. I hope that fight happens. Pineda could also fight Cody McKenzie or Milton Vieira.

Gamburyan should fight Siver - Reason: I now hate Manny Gamburyan. This guy lost the fight at the end of Round one, he was "Rocked" by some legal elbows from Cole Miller but hes holding the back of his head as if they were illegal elbows. The fight should have been stopped there but it wasn't and even though Gamburyan didn't answer the bell for the second round they let him continue and he ended up grinding up against Miller for two rounds and stealing a decision. It was a garbage decision, Gamburyan lost the fight but he couldn't just leave it at that he had to add insult to injury and continue to claim that he was hit with a bunch of illegal elbows. I will hope and root for Gamburyan to get knocked out cold for the rest of his career. So this Jackass is going to be fighting Denis Siver next. HAHAHAHA I couldn't have been happier when I found out. Siver's going to kill this guy and I can't wait. Really looking forward to this one.

Miller should fight Ogle - Reason: If you read above you know how I feel about this fight. Miller got screwed, not once but twice in the night. The fight should have ended after the first round and he should have won the decision. Luckily for Miller hes fighting an absolute turd next, Andy Ogle. This guy is horrible, Miller should be able to win this fight and do so easily.

St. Preux should fight The Winner of Jimmo vs Manuwa - Reason: OSP looked great. Thats the OSP the hardcore fans were hoping to see in the UFC. I was very impressed and I can't wait to see his next fight. I'd like to see him The Winner of Jimmo vs Manuwa. I like this fight a lot and I think it'd be a great fight. Hope it happens. St. Preux could also fight The Winner of Hamill vs Silva or The Winner of Maldonado vs Beltran.

Donovan should fight Villante - Reason: Donovan might get cut, he didn't look good in that fight. He was facing the very tough OSP so I hope he gets another shot. I think he should fight Gian Villante next. They both lost to OSP and I just like this fight. Hope it gets booked. Donovan could also fight Robert Drysdale or Cyrille Diabate.

Vick should fight Vallie-Flagg - Reason: Vick looked great. I thought Nijem would win but I did think Vick had a good shot of winning the fight. Nijem has looked bad as of late and I knew Vick was a huge Lightweight but I didn't think he'd win the fight as fast as he did. It was very impressive. I'd like to see Vick fight someone ranked around the same area as Nijem. Isaac Vallie-Flagg, I like this fight and I hope it happens. Vick could also fight Francisco Trinaldo or Sam Stout.

Nijem should fight Oliveira - Reason: Nijem looked terrible, again. I wouldn't be surprised to see him get cut. If he isn't cut I think he should fight Rafaello Oliveira next. The fight makes sense and I'd like to see it happen. Nijem could also fight Michel Prazeres or Takanori Gomi.

Alright, leave your comments and Rec if you really liked it. Let me know which fights you like and which fights you want to see happen.

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