I just wanted to show you what we have to deal with in Norway..

This is my first fanpost, so bear with me

With the recent change in government in Norway, there is a debate going around the country, regarding the legalization of MMA and other full contact combat sports (FINALLY!!)

Still, some people in this country has not opened their eyes about the sport yet. I found an article in a norwegian paper called Dagbladet, where the head of communications in the Norwegian Sports Association (NIF) made some ridicoulous comment.

The article is about how the TV channel TV2 recently started showing a news programme dedicated to MMA. I'm no expert in english, so pardon my mistakes. Here goes:

The Sports Association butchers TV2's new major initiative

Tonight, TV2 Zebra premieres its new show "MMA Studio". MMA is recognized as a violent combat sport, the popularity of which has skyrocketed over the past few years.

This initiative has provoked the Sports Association (NIF)

"This has nothing to do with Norwegian sports. I wonder what TV2's motive is", says Per Tøien, head of communications in NIF.

Tøien was a guest at the TV2 show SportsDB18 tonight, and does not like what he refers to as a "Fighting cirkus"

"This is completely incompatible with the values of norwegian sports" says Tøien. He continues: "This is being promoted as the biggest and wildest fighting cirkus in the world. These aren't special effects, but real blood and broken arms"

Few rules

MMA is an abbreviation for Mixed Martial Arts. The fast-growing combat sport is known for having few rules.

"I can't understand why we are supposed to have this as a part of sports in Norway. I also don't understand why TV2 wants to make violence available in this manner." Tøien says.

The management at TV2 says that this is something the people want.

"We wish to show the development and the interest for MMA in the community. The sport is one of the fastest growing in the world, and makes more and more fans all over the world" says head of communications at TV2, Jan-Petter Dahl to Dagbladet.

"It's a violent sport, and we do not take a stand for or against the sport, but we have taken a call, and want to show all sides of the sport" Dahl continues.


There is actually a bit more of the article, but it's just about who is going to host and such. The comments section is even more hilarious than the article.

To me, it's just mind-boggling how such a central figure in the national sports association obviously haven't done any research or watched the sport in-depth, when the legalization of the sport in this country is on the line..

Currently, us fans and practitioners of the sport are signing petitions and doing commercial work left and right to get it legalized. I think we're still a long way from getting it done, but with the recent change in government i think the possibility is there.

Thanks for reading this if you bothered to. Just spreading the good word! (And the ridiculous words of the clueless people)!

the article can be found at

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