Prospects to Watch this Weekend

Here are some of the better prospects in action this weekend. I'm not perfect, if I've missed a fight that you know of... or someone has pulled out of a fight let me know in the comments section.

OneFC - 18 Oct - Singapore


Jake Butler (3-0) vs. Sylvain Potard (4-3)

Age: 30

Height: 6'3

#10 Light-Heavyweight

Butler is a Princeton University grad, and wrestler, who was working on Wall Street before deciding that wasn't what he wanted to do with his life and began pursing a career in MMA. He trains with Team Evolve in Singapore, where his D1 level wrestling is welcome to the team, while he is benefiting from working with solid strikers, and BJJ practitioners.

XFC 26 - 18 Oct - Nashville, TN


Scott Holtzman (5-0) vs. Roger Carroll (13-9)

Age: 30

Height: 5'9

Holtzman is a powerful LW, who blends his aggressive striking with a very good all around game. Once the fight hits the ground, Scott has very good ground and pound and push the pace and get the stoppage.

PrizeFC - 18 Oct - Denver, CO


Tony Sims (8-1) vs. Drew Dober (12-4)

Age: 27

Height: 5'11

Since losing his pro debut, Sims has reeled off 8 straight stoppage victories. He took nearly 3 full years off from 2010 to 2013, but has scored 3 impressive wins this year already. Tony uses his reach very well, and does very well with his knees when the fight gets in close. Sims won his last fight less than a month ago, and makes the quick turn against a quality opponent. Dober lost to Daron Cruickshank during the elimination round of TUF 15, but has won his last 4. Another stoppage win would have to make the big orgs take notice of Sims.

JVT Championship - 19 Oct - Caxias do Sul, Brazil


Luiz Rafael (20-0) vs. Claudir Dutkevis (11-2)

Height: 5'9

Rafael just picked up his 20th win last weekend, with a 1st round submission. Like some of the other prospects fighting in Brazil with impressive records, Rafael has not faced the toughest strength of schedule yet in his pro career that started in Jun 2012. Rafael has solid striking technique, but it does not appear to have much power behind it. Once he gets a takedown he is outstanding on top as he looks for submission off of his smothering top control.

FFC - 19 Oct - Rio Grande Do Sul - Brazil


Yuri Maia (11-1) vs. Guilherme Jantara (2-1)

Age: 20

Height: 5'8

Maia is still a work in progress. His striking has improved dramatically from his early fights, but still has room for improvement if he is going to step up to the next level. He has good trip, and double leg takedowns, but it is hard to see him landing them against better wrestlers unless he improves his transitions, and set ups from the striking game. Yuri's only loss came in his 2nd pro fight to Hercio de Souza (6-1), so he is riding a 10 fight win streak into this fight.

Review from last week:

EFC Africa - 10 Oct - Johannesburg, South Africa


Garreth McLellan (10-2) returned the favor to Jeremy Smith (11-2) in their rematch from last year, by avenging a submission loss, with a submission win.


Demarte Pena (8-0) picked up a 5 round UD over Alain Llunga (5-2) to retain his EFCA FW title.

Legacy FC 24 - 11 Oct - Dallas, TX

*There are at least 3 fighters on this card who will likely be fighting in the UFC by the end of 2014.


Carlos Diego Ferreira (8-0) used an outstanding all around game to hand Chris Feist (8-1) his first pro loss.


Henry Cejudo (5-0) went the distance for the 1st time in his pro career as he picked up a UD over Ryan Hollis (4-2).

*Cejudo and Ferreira have already been announced for the 15 November Legacy FC fight card.


Holly Holm (5-0) destroyed Nikki Knudsen (2-2) with he superior striking. While Invicta has a few quality Bantamweights, the right challenges for Holm at this point in her career are in the UFC, and she would be perfect to match up with some of the fighters coming off TUF: 18.

Championship Fighting Alliance - 12 Oct - Miami, Florida


Josh Sampo (10-2) picked up a big win over Sam Thao (7-2) and likely placed himself near the top of UFC's FLW wish list.

C3 Fights - 12 Oct - Oklahoma


Tyler East (11-3) vs. Bobby Brents (13-4) ended up in a No Contest.

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