Full Fight: Transgender male-to-female Fallon Fox Falls in Three

First off, the ref fucked up. Not hearing the bell is in excusable, letting a round go 5 seconds longer than it should. This is basketball where you can just send him to the fucking minors, he's potentially messing with a fighter livelihood. Deserves a steep punishment. But, let's focus on the positive.

This was a really good fight. Sometimes you watch a fight and you just see a fighter, and you know this is their night. They fight "possessed". Everything they've trained for comes together in a perfect storm. Gilbert Melendez against Kawajiri, Diego Sanchez vs. Clay Guida, and Noguiera knocking Schaub come to mind.

October 12th 2013 was Ashlee Evans-Smith's night. Pat Miletich sad Evans-Smith had the perfect gameplan, but I disagree. I didn't know shit about Ashlee Evans-Smith other than she was one of those hyphenated (plus not normal spelling "ash lee?") name people and youtube "5 second KO". But, this fight showed me she has a decent ceiling. Fighters that can raise their level in the clutch are on a different level, which AE-S clearly did for that $20,000 check (that's like 3 wins worth in Invicta)

Pat Miletich sad Evans-Smith had the perfect gameplan, but I disagree. Fallon Fox just had a shit gameplan and went for high risk moves, that didn't pay off. The worst flying armbar/triangle attempt I've seen 15 seconds into the fight. Basically slamming her occipital right on the canvas. I'm pretty she was rocked from that cause she got hit with a few punches right after with no defence. And this isn't like a Thiago Silva/Lyoto Machida situation where Machida initiated the fall. I've never seen someone keep their head on the mat and just eat punches like Fallon did through out this fight. Didn't your BJJ coach ever make you do push ups for not keeping your head off the mat? Fallon scrambles back then instead of separating like I thought she would, IMMEDIATELY goes for a judo throw, and gets her back taken.

But still, I see Fallon Fox as a great prospect (besides her age). Regardless of all the transgender distractions, Fox has skills. She has athleticism. Those knees she hit AES with in round 1 were vicious and beautiful. The roll through omoplata? Gorgeous. So, whether you think of her as a man or as a woman, her martial arts is still martial arts.

I felt the fight was won in that 1st round. Fallon lost stamina defending the early grappling, even more getting hit standing, and finally blew her load trying her own at finishing the fight. Fox fucked up, but Evans-Smith took full advantage of it.

Great fight.


Michael Schivallo + Pat Miletich is the best commentating duo in MMA. I truly believe that. Goldberg and Rogan are good enough, but Schivallo and Miletich actually make it sound like a play by play with color, while Rogan often goes on tangents.

A different Fallon Fox POV

I'm still in a really weird position seeing Fox fight, and I think I finally figured it out. I can't imagine ever hitting a woman. No matter how much she provoked me, I couldn't. And some women (Miesha Tate) would disagree, but...

It's an aesthetic thing. A lot of people who underwent male-to-female changes on youtube or modelling are super feminine looking, while Fox is muscular and use the power of make up. I can't help but think if Fallon looked MORE like a she, more feminine, dolled up a little while fighting she wouldn't get the hate she does.

You've seen the above photos by now. I bet more people would be accepting of them, would you? Cause, I'll tell you I would be. And I wish I didn't think like that, but it's the truth. Fallon looks intimidating and I do say to myself "is this wrong?", imagine if Cyborg Santos came out as a transgender fighter. Jesus Good Lord Christ.

Evans-Smith wasn't even a hometown fighter, but when she got Fox's back, the crowd went crazy like it was GSP finishing Serra in the Bell Centre. That's some serious hatred, disgust, venom, whatever thrown at Fallon Fox. And it's not like I never went crazy over someone losing or almost losing (Fitch/Hendricks, E.Silva almost RNCing Fitch), but too want someone to lose, to the point of a roar of cheers, just because she's transgender doesn't feel right.

Fox not disclosing her gender change was bullshit, but I have to applaud her for continuing to pursue MMM and her coaches for training her despite the heavy criticisms. Can we just accept that a grown woman, who consents to fight Fallon Fox with full knowledge is not some kind of immoral , woman beating situation?

The pictured women were all born... well you know

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