BECW Season 5 Draft goes down TODAY (Saturday) at 3pm ET!


The draft goes down on Saturday at 3pm ET - Here's all the info you need!

Are you getting pumped? Well, I am, despite not even captaining a team this year. We're returning to the clusterfuck wherein captains make their picks in a comment section and while kreally is not around to entertain us, it should be a bunch of fun anyway.

Here's what's on the itinerary for today's fuckload of information:

1. Announcement of divisions

1a. Division names

2. Week 1 Schedule

3. Draft order

4. Team names


6. Prospect camp and replacement info

7. General draft info

8. Mock draft

9. Why should a captain pick you?

Let's get started!

1. Announcement of divisions

As usual, captains were asked to pick their preferred opponents and Zater and I have done our best to fulfill as many players' wishes as possible. Here is what we ended up with:

Division 1
Josh Hall
Paulo Filho's Psychiatrist
Violent Newt
Sugel Mendoza

Everyone pretty much asked for each other in this explosive division featuring last seasons champ & runner up and noted regulars Josh Hall and Sugel Mendoza. The two newcomers are up against it and will have to bring their A game.

Division 2
Andy Davis

Cousins gxc and POW are joined by RonSwanson and Andy Davis in a division in which three captains out of four share surnames with notable fighters. POW will be looking to avenge last season's devastating playoffs, where his #1 ranked Cock Guys ended up last in the Grand Prix, while the three rookie captains will be looking to make a good impression.

Division 3
Our Bovine Public

A UK themed division as Scotsmen lanky6 and forkboy are joined by Northern Ireland's own OBP. The last member of the division, ScorecardOTN, has picked a few fights with lanky6 over the past week and is granted his wish of going up against the Aberdonian.

1a. Division names

Previous seasons have featured homages to past legends (Frank Gotch (or was it Karl?), Helio Gracie and Masahiko Kimura in Season 3) and BEmes (ketchup is disgusting and garbage, intellegent Englishmen and sexysassytrishammafan in Season 4) but what will it be this year? It's up to you!

My initial idea was to think up names that describe the divisions somewhat, and I was thinking about going with the theme of defunct MMA promotions. Division 1 would then be called Affliction because it's high profile and because PFP has been banned more times than Josh Barnett has failed drug tests (and will likely be the death of the BECW one day), Division 2 would be the WEC because it contains lesser known players but should provide plenty of fireworks and Division 3 would be Cage Rage for the UK angle.

I'm sure you can come up with something better, though, so let's hear it!

2. Week 1 Schedule

Division 1

PFP vs. Violent Newt (BECW4 GP Final rematch)

Josh Hall vs. Sugel Mendoza (The Battle of Texas)

Division 2

gxc vs. POW (The Battle of the Cousins)

RonSwanson vs. Andy Davis (Newcomer Showdown)

Division 3

lanky6 vs. ScoreCardOTN (GRUDGE MATCH)

forkboy vs. OBP (Scotland vs. N.Ireland!)

Fireworks aplenty!

3. Draft order

For those who don't know, the draft works like this: with 120 total players to be picked, we'll have 10 rounds of 12 picks. Each round, the picking order is reversed in the interest of fairness, meaning that the #12 picking captain will get the last pick in round one but the first pick in round two.

We're making one fairly important change this year: instead of completely randomising the order, picks will now be grouped by division, meaning that we'll have more drama when a captain snatched a player right in front of a rival captain. Sounds like fun, no? Anyway, here is the draft order:

#1 pick: lanky6

#2 pick: Our Bovine Public

#3 pick: forkboy

#4 pick: ScoreCardOTN

#5 pick: POW

#6 pick: Andy Davis

#7 pick: gxc

#8 pick: RonSwanson

#9 pick: Violent Newt

#10 pick: Paulo Filho's Psychiatrist

#11 pick: Josh Hall

#12 pick: Sugel Mendoza

4. Team names

Captains will have to come up with a name for their team before the first event, which takes place in a week and a half. EVERYONE, please chip in with your suggestions. As far as I know, ScoreCardOTN has settled on Legion of Lurkers but I don't think any other teams have names in place (no, PFP, the Eric Prindle Urology Clinic thing isn't that funny. At least not by your standards).

5. Joining the BECW Camp

New players are asked to please join the Bloody Elbow Civil War camp on MMA Playground. I can't remember exactly how it works, but I'm pretty sure you have to request an invite, wait for John Danaher's Hair (our camp leader) to send back an invite, and then accept the invite. If you're already a member of a camp, you will need to leave that camp first.

Players who wish to participate in the MMA Mania Money Pool may leave the camp if they notify myself and Zater first. We'd like as many as possible to be in the BECW camp to make it easier for captains to stay on top of everything but we won't rob you of the opportunity to steal money from kids.

6. Prospect camp and replacement info

Missed the signup deadline? Never fear, the Prospect Camp is here. Captains are allowed to replace one pick misser each during the regular season if they wish to do so, and they will look for potential replacements in the Prospect Camp. A couple of standout scores and you'll be in the mix! Also, anyone who picks a full season in the Prospect Camp is guaranteed a spot in the next season, which rolls around in about 3 months.

7. General draft info

From the (nonexistent) BECW F.A.Q.:

Q. I signed up, but what if I don't get picked?

A. Everyone on the final list of players will be picked.

And speaking of a list of players, it is right here.

As mentioned previously, the picks will be made in the comment section of a fanpost that will go live on Saturday. Captains are asked to please write "Official pick" in the subject line of their picks to make it easier to spot them! We will repeat this a couple more times but this it's kinda important as the comment section should be jampacked with tomfoolery, making it hard to keep up with the proceedings.

The draft starts at 3pm ET SHARP and is expected to last about 3 hours. Captains are asked to show up at least 15 minutes before the draft starts.

8. Mock draft

I always wanted to do one of these! Here we go:

#1 (lanky6): swiftman

Really, could it be anyone else? The man is the all-time best picker on all of MMA Playground, has finished 1st in the BECW Individual scores in consecutive seasons and is an all-around boss.

#2 (Our Bovine Public): DetroitDrew1980

Drew finished 29th last season in what was considered a disappointing season by his standards. Nonetheless, Drew is possibly the most consistent picker in the entire BECW and with his enthusiasm and willingness to share his thoughts, he's a fantastic pickup for any team.

#3 (forkboy): clayguidashair

A relative newcomer, clayguidashair has burst onto the scene with a staggering THREE triple-digit scores in his first two BECW seasons. Consistency has been a slight issue but when the man is on, few can match him.

#4 (ScoreCardOTN): Zachary Kater

Because a legion of lurkers needs an experienced picker to guide them through the first couple of events. Zater was the butt of many jokes when I picked him 38th (I think) in Season 3 and again when kreally picked him early in the first round in Season 4, but he has shown a lot of consistency and is 6th on our all-time leaderboard.

#5 (POW): ElliotMatheny

Elliot has seen comparatively little BECW action but when he's been called up, he has performed spectacularly. It's no wonder, either, as Elliot with his experience of training at XtremeCouture and soothing baritone voice is one of the most respected contributors on BE.

#6 (Andy Davis): Tats16

Longtime standout Tats16 is a definite first rounder with his explosively athletic picking skills and would be a spectacular pickup for debuting captain Andy Davis. Currently sitting in 4th place on the all-time leaderboard, Tats shows no signs of slowing down.

#7 (gxc): Sun Yue

Everyone's favourite NBA Finals winner may well already be off the board at #7 given that his outstanding Season 4 campaign earned him the 7th place in the individual standings and saw him rise to 2nd place on the all-time leaderboard (behind captain lanky6). It remains to be seen whether his potential involvement in the Mania Money Pool will affect his picks, however.

#8 (RonSwanson): John Danaher's Hair

Ron Swanson isn't a talker, he's a doer. Why sit around all day in meetings when all you need to do is click on some drop-down menus? JDH offers no-nonsense, bang-for-your-buck high scores and is the perfect fit for Swanson's team. Ranked 3rd on the all-time rankings and at the apex of the RonSwanson Pyramid of Great Picks.

#9 (Violent Newt): tomvale13

Following his debut in Season 3, tomvale has slowly but surely established himself as a top picker. It doesn't hurt that he brings amusing gifs, spectacular mspaintjobs and meandering stories of birds and Mark Hunt to the table either, and Newt is sure to have noticed tom's 3rd place finish last season.

#10 (Paulo Filho's Psychiatrist): Ak.Death

Always one to play favourites, PFP is likely to pick up a player he knows well in Ak.Death, provided Drew and swiftman are already off the board. Ak.Death was the second best performer on last season's winners and would most certainly love to once again join forces with the successful PFP.

#11 (Josh Hall): Sweet Scientist

Not just France's most savage savate savant and a noted Stephen Thompson basher, Sweet Scientist is also a phenomenal fight picker to boot. A 1st place in the individual standings in his debut season (season 2) was followed up with another two steady seasons including one as captain to firmly establish SS among the upper echelon of fight pickers.

#12 (Sugel Mendoza): phenylenginerods

A debuting player with a wealth of experience, phenylenginerods has made picks for a remarkable 116 (!) events including 69 of the past 70 and has been remarkably consistent throughout his picking career. While we know very little of the man, he very likely possesses a ton of knowledge on the ins and outs of fight picking and would be a great pickup for any team.

9. Why should a captain pick you?

Different captains may look for different things, and different players may want to join different teams. I was originally drafted by Horselover back in Season 1 by virtue of being Scandinavian (incidentally, this was the only decent pick he made) and with 30-odd new players, many may be picked on similarly shaky grounds. This, then, would be a great chance for all players, both old and new, to let the captains know what you bring to the table.

I, myself, for example, will likely not contribute very much to pick discussions, nor will I put up many spectacular scores. I will, however, be fairly consistent if I keep up my past form. This is the first time in four seasons I'm not captaining, so who knows what my scores will look like. I wouldn't mind joining a team of veterans.

Now let's hear from you!


\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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