MMA Transaction Wire: January 1-9, 2013

Hey, Hey there Muthers...I'm back!

Name Record Weight (RANK) Transaction Info Fight Card Opponent Date
Dan Severn 101-19-7 265 (#231) Retired from MMA N/A N/A Jan 1
Lucas Martins 12-0-0 155 (#203) Signed by UFC UFC on FX 7, Jan 19 Edson Barboza (#90) Jan 2
Kurt Holobaugh 9-0-0 155 (#204) Signed by Strikeforce Strikeforce: Marquardt vs Saffiedine, Jan 12 Pat Healy (#14) Jan 2
Tyron Woodley 10-1-0 170 (#20) Signed by UFC UFC 156, Feb 2 Jay Hieron (#19) Jan 2
Dan Hornbuckle 22-5-0 170 (NR-Inactive) Signed by Legacy FC LFC 17, Feb 1 Pete Spratt (#66) Jan 3
Mikhail Zayats 19-6-0 205 (#58) Signed by Bellator BFC 85, Jan 17 Renato Sobral Aug 7
Atanas Djambazov 17-2-0 205 (#122-HW) Signed by Bellator BFC 85, Jan 17 Emmanuel Newton (#23) Jan 3
Michael Guymon 14-5-0 155 (#178) Signed by Bellator BFC 85, Jan 17 Savant Young (#271-FW) Dec 12
Savant Young 10-9-0 155 (#271-FW) Signed by Bellator BFC 85, Jan 17 Michael Guymon (#178) Jan 4
Jordan Mein 26-8-0 170 (#21) Signed by UFC UFC 158, Mar 16 Dan Miller (#46) Jan 4
Mizuto Hirota 14-5-1 145 (#47-LW) Signed by UFC UFC Fuel 8, Mar 3 Rani Yahya (#29) Jan 5
Pedro Nobre 14-1-2 145 (#17-FLW) Signed by UFC UFC Fox 7, Jan 19 Yuri Alcantara (#24) Jan 6
Roger Bowling 11-3-0 170 (#116) Signed by UFC TBA TBA Jan 7
Isaac Vallie-Flagg 13-3-1 155 (#60) Signed by UFC UFC 156, Feb 2 Yves Edwards (#28) Jan 7
Shinichi Kojima 12-5-5 125 (#42) Signed by ONE FC ONE FC 7, Feb 2 Rey Docyogen (#49) Dec 22
Dustin Kimura 9-0-0 135 (#80-FW) Signed by UFC UFC 156, Feb 2 Chico Camus (#50) Jan 8
Ildemar Alcantara 17-5-0 205 (#89-MW) Signed by UFC UFC FX 7, Jan 19 Wagner Prado (#165) Jan 8

Dan Severn's retirement wasn't guarded knowledge as he's been talking about it for the last year anyway. At 54 and 127 fights on the official resume, there was really nothing left for him to prove. Well, that could have been said quite a few years ago and I mean that in the most respectful way possible. The Beast appeared on stages large and small from the UFC and Pride to the rodeo, fought some of the best in the sport, is a UFC Hall of Famer, and has served various capacities such as referee and judge. He has also been an amazing ambassador of MMA from the beginning of his storied career. I hope to see him continue reffing, judging and to educate in those areas, as well as speak to the community on behalf of MMA. Congratulations Dan, thanks for introducing me to the sport I love.

The exodus has begun. Many former Strikeforce fighters are now migrating over to the UFC and will be appearing on upcoming cards. Tyron Woodley, Jordan Mein, Mizuto Hirota, Roger Bowling, and Isaac Vallie-Flagg joined Ronda Rousey in the first wave of the Strikeforce roster to officially sign with the UFC. Seeing names like Hirota and Bowling should be welcome signs for most of the non-marquee fighters hoping to get a shot in the UFC after Strikeforce is folded after Jan 12. This is a particularly exciting time for the UFC with lots and lots of good match-ups to be had in the coming months.

Lucas Martins, Kurt Holobaugh, Dan Hornbuckle, Pedro Nobre, Dustin Kimura, and Ildemar Alcantara have all replaced injured fighters on cards in their respective promotions. Training injuries have gone beyond the cute names of 'curse' or 'bug' and are now a huge part of MMA and since the debacle of UFC 151, Zuffa has accepted the fact that they need to plan accordingly. But injuries to one fighter are a major opportunity for another. I spin this far more positively than most, as many will poo poo a fill-ins' abilities and question how a matchmaker could condone such a travesty. Another way to look at this epidemic is to just accept the fact that fighters are training harder to prepare for the best opposition and injuries will occur, meaning every fighter in a high-level camp across the globe should be ready for the call that can possibly change their career in the sport. And screw the naysayers. To quote a great philosopher, "I most certainly did talk my way into this fight...I said YES." may or may not remember these posts that started as a semi-weekly fanpost over a year ago and then suddenly stopped way back in August. I went on a hiatus when a mounting work schedule and life intervened, the biggest being the birth of my son Jack. Hopefully I can continue to contribute these little write-ups and get back on a weekly schedule because I really enjoy contributing in some way to the BE community other than in snarky comments and stupid gifs. I hope you like them as well.

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