Invicta FC 4: Winners, Losers, And USTREAM

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So, Invicta FC 4 went down last night and in true Invicta fashion there was tons of action and plenty of technical issues. There were wars, One-sided beatings, a couple snoozers, and some impressive displays of grit. Let's get into this shall we?


Carla Esparza - Bec Hyatt gave her everything that she could handle but she powered her way through it and earned her belt. I was really impressed with how explosive her takedowns were.

Alexis Davis - Not only did she avenge a loss but she did so emphatically. On top of that she's solidified herself as a front runner at 135.

Joanne Calderwood - Damn shame what she did to von Plettenberg. She basically put on a 15 minute Muay Thai Youtube Highlight. She's quickly making a name for herself as WMMA's premier striker. And she's friggin' adorable.

Rose Namajunas - Rose is a little goon, son. The weigh-in stare down, throwing heavy leather, the 172 submission attempts, and the post-fight bounce to "Work Hard, Play Hard"? Pretty Gangster.

Tecia Torres - After two fights, I'm convinced that she has a limitless gas tank. She lit Paige Van Zant up moving forward and backward. I'd like to see her matched up against Joanne Calderwood or Bec Hyatt next.

Leslie Smith - Wardrobe malfunctions be damned. Leslie is a gangster. She's WMMA Diaz broth...err...sister. High volume punching and the swagger to match.

Shannon Knapp - Refunded everyone that purchased the event and made it free because the stream was messing up. Class act.

Honorable Mentions:

Pacing - The action was nonstop. When one fight ended, another started. Gotta love that.

Cassie Rodish - After a rocky start, she showed her mom strength and just overpowered Frausto.

Sarah D'Alelio - Alexis Davis made the blueprint on beating Nunes and Sarah executed it. She did a good job nullifying Nunes primary weapon.

Veronica Rothenhausler - The girl has power. But she needs proper training A.S.A.P.


Bec Hyatt - Yeah, I know. She had a good performance for a no name that stepped up on short notice, but she still lost all five rounds. She needs to work on her takedown defense and add more to her arsenal than straight punches. Can't wait to see her fight again though.

Shayna Baszler - She fought hard but got put to sleep in the end. I'd still like to see her on the big stage though. Plenty of interesting match-ups for her at 135.

Amanda Nunes - She just doesn't seem to be able to switch her gameplan up when her opponent pressures her with wrestling. Oh, and that up kick to a downed opponent was not cool.

Hiroko Yamanaka - Simply put, she's not high caliber. Years ago, we thought she was a prospect. She's proven us wrong. A lot of that facade was due to her endless stream of low level competition in Japan. She fights with zero urgency and seems to have no idea that she's as tall as she is.

Livia von Plettenberg - GYOTDAMN. She got her ass whipped.

The Fans - Many of us (myself not included) did not get to see the event due to USTREAM not being able to process their payments. The problem persisted well after the paywall was taken down. Shannon Knapp and co. really need to get this stream issue figured out. It's an issue that's plagued them since day one. Hopefully they end up on a network like AXS.TV or can find a streaming host that actually works. And if they do go with a another stream, for the love of god, test them out extensively so this doesn't happen again.

Honorable Mentions:

Stephanie Frausto - She started off strong but ended up succumbing to Rodish's strength in the 3rd.

Paige Van Zant - She's only 18, so props to her for even being in the cage. But she took a little bit of a beating from Torres. She had a few moments that showed she has some skill and proved that she's tough. But she really needs to work on her all around game. Her footwork was weird and her head movement was awkward. Her future should be bright if she can iron out those issues.

Did I miss anything? What and/or who were you winners and losers?


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