'Rowdy' Bec Hyatt: There's always someone saying that we shouldn't be doing this

Image courtesy of nvictafc.com

Bec Hyatt is the late replacement set to face Carla Esparza in the headlining fight for Invicta IV. We get to know her a little better in this short interview.

Tomorrow is the dawn of a new age for Invicta FC. They will officially move to a PPV format, thus enabling themselves to widen their profit margin from the gate and sponsor setup they used last year. While they had a wildly successful year, the goal of any promotion is to make money. The cost is a very modest $7.95 for the event, which features some talented, exciting athletes. For a "chick promotion" the ladies have certainly made Invicta a one stop shop for entertainment.

The main event for tomorrow night's card was changed due to that nasty little injury bug. Originally featuring Carla Esparza vs Claudia Gadelha, the bout will now showcase rising Australian star, "Rowdy" Bec Hyatt. The fight will be for the Invicta FC strawweight title, and will headline the card. We spoke with Hyatt yesterday, and got her thoughts on her American debut.

Why women's MMA is more exciting

I think it's because we always go out there like we've got something to prove. There's always someone saying that we shouldn't be doing this, so we've got a big chip on our shoulders. We're out to prove everyone wrong. We're pretty feisty and we get very competitive when it comes to another girl. I think all those factors play a part.

Carla Esparza

I don't really have a gameplan. I just go in there and fight. I do what I've been trained to do and try to have fun with it. I'm gonna punch her in the face and she's gonna punch me in the face [laughs]. That's our gameplan. Hopefully she comes out and tries to stand with me and puts on a good show. She could go back to her wrestling ways and try to take me down and hold me there, so we'll just have to see how it goes. She'll probably come out banging, as she has in other fights, but I don't mind if she wants to take it to the ground. I'm comfortable down there, too.

Marketability and Ronda Rousey

I definitely think it's good to be marketable, so I try to capture the media as much as I can. Ronda Rousey is great at this. She's a fit looking, Olympic athlete, with long, flowing blonde hair, and is probably the best person to represent women's MMA. I think she does a great job.

I've been carrying the torch for Australian WMMA, and trying to get the mainstream media on board there, and I'd like to continue on everywhere. I've got an unusual look and I relate to a lot of different people, so why not. I'm a mother of two children, so I relate to a lot of young moms, to people with tattoos and piercings, obviously, to the XBox community, because I'm on there a lot with my fans. I also relate to people that have been overweight, or have lost a significant amount of weight, because I used to be quite heavy, and since I've gotten into MMA, I've lost lots of weight (50-60 lbs by her account), and gotten into shape.


There's not really any pressure on me. Everyone is expecting me to lose anyway, so I'm going into this fight with zero pressure. I've got everything to win, so I'm not feeling any stress. People say I'm too inexperienced and that she'll out-wrestle me, but I love proving people wrong, and that's what I'm going coming to do.

You can follow Bec via her Twitter account, @RowdyBec

You can also bid on her bra for charity here. The auction is to benefit keep-a-breast. Currently, Bec's bra is second in bid donations only to Ronda Rousey, and is ahead of Arianny Celeste's by more than $120.

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