As MMA fans, we should start wanting the best fights that can happen for us, not for the fighters

So, Cyborg stated that she's totally down for the Rousey fight at 140 which sounds like a reasonable weight for both of them.It's a great weight, a weight which seems like a great compromise for the 135lbs queen of MMA and the unstoppable yet controversial monster of the 145lbs division.

But it seems many BE commentators disagreed. Some argued that it should happen at 135lbs if Cyborg really wants the belt. Others shot down the catchweight at 140lbs idea, saying that it "didn't make sense". Others said "no!" to a theoretical 145lbs fight, a weight which Ronda Rousey fought seven of her nine fights at, because it's unfair that the fighter with steroids will have the advantage.

So then I realized that the reason, the very crux of why they only wanted the fight at 135lbs, and ONLY at 135lbs -- it was best for one fighter. They had such a vested interest in one particular fighter that, the fight they truly wanted took a backseat to the fight which they felt was "right" considering the current circumstances.

No. That's not right.

The product that the UFC offers, and indeed, the fights that we should DEMAND to see are the ones that are the most exciting. That's why the UFC makes so much money, right? We deem their products such as DVDs and PPVs so thrilling and exciting that we gladly pay 55 per month for fights we want to see.

So let me drop a few truthbombs:

  1. Cyborg is known for her strength and size advantage over her opponents. Take that away and she's just another fighter with unrefined grappling and an aggressive stand-up.
  2. Rousey is the best women's fighter today. She won bronze at the Olympics in judo. Do you know what that means? It means she was the 3rd best judoka in the world that weighed at a weight of 70KG in 2008.
  3. The UFC has no long-term plan for Cyborg. She's not a PPV draw like Rousey, she's not as pretty as Rousey, she can't cut weight as well as Rousey, oh, and she does steroids. She's a liability and there's no division to house her since there's no 145 division. This is a pretty blatant one-off, extremely lucrative "superfight" where the UFC only want Rousey to win.
  4. The best fight would probably be at 145lbs.

As Brent Brookhouse pointed out in his his article: "Just because a fight could be held should someone involved make a massive sacrifice and fight at what they feel would be a disadvantage does not mean the fight should be held."

A fight at 135lbs, where a dehydrated and weak Cyborg will gas out in 2 minutes has no meaning. It has a lot of meaning for Rousey, who can say she beat her arch-villainess/rival and cement herself into the annals of WMMA history forever, it means a lot for the UFC who can push their golden girl Rousey as the best women's mixed martial artist (which at this point is pretty much true), but what does it mean for us?

Absolutely jack shit.

I want to see a well-conditioned and strong Cyborg fight a prime and ready Ronda Rousey. That fight would be SICK. Say if we do give Cyborg a year to lose all that ill-gotten muscle mass, then will she really be the same fighter? She won't. And don't forget, Rousey is a monster at any weight, and it is in my belief that Cyborg will never beat her at any weight.

So yes, maybe I'm sounding a bit selfish here. Maybe, while some overzealous Rousey fans/Cyborg anti-fans put forward that the fight should only occur at 135lbs because it's the right and moral thing to do, I perhaps represent the MMA fan on the opposite side of the spectrum, where the fights should happen as long as I can gain the maximum amount of satisfaction from them.

But isn't this how it should be in the end?

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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