Reverse Triangle...!?

I want to thank Eddie Bravo for sending me some great videos on him rolling live and using his system and transitions the man is a genius and I look forward to adding his knowledge to my to my game...

I also want to thank Robert Drysdale who I also hit up on twitter to ask for some advise and he directed me to check out Braulio Estima if my interest was on the reverse triangle. Now to be honest that wasn't the kind of Reverse Triangle I was originally thinking or talking about. But after I watched it on Youtube it opened my eyes to yet another unorthodox yet proven effective technique. I replayed it about 10 times and then almost got it in Round 1 of my fight without ever actually practicing before Ever. Lol I may have ADHD but i learn fighting like a computer. Lol

Also quick props also to Matt Serra who showed me a Kimura series to add to my own series. Almost pulled it off Round 1 also. But live, learn, and refine is the name of the game.

I want to thank my sponsors real quick... for sticking by me and believing in me... and above all paying me... lol we see that not all sponsors are created equal so to me your support is Huge and means a lot on my Road to become a Champion. Big Thanks to

@1FutureLegend who will be the official carrier of my clothing line KB Wear.





and finally.... I want to Thank the people behind the Win... Bobby Robare, Jose Figueroa , Byron Byrd , Julien Williams , Jason Carapallucci , Jason Patino , ATT and everyone else in my camp that helped me prepare for this past fight. You guys are true reason I got this Win, Thank You!

To the fans I apologize for not getting the finish or if it wasn't up to par with my past outtings... all I cam do and kearn and use the experience to improve. As always thanks for all the positive feedback and support throughout my career. It means more than you all realize. And to the critics and haterz... thanks you guys most of all. Negative must exist for positive to exist so I welcome both. Just gotta man up and take it as constructive criticism. Lol :)

So for you guys... My question is.... did I have the Reverse Triangle? Did I just have to squeeze with everything I had... or was I missing something?


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