Mike Dolce sets the record straight about Rampage's accusations

Image courtesy of Mike Dolce

Nutrition guru, Mike Dolce, discusses the accusations made by Rampage about their work together.

In a storied career, filled with ups and downs, Quinton Jackson has gone through managers, trainers, nutritionists, sponsors, and is now threatening to take his services to another promotion. His professional relationships seem to be volatile and short in duration. So here, on the eve of Rampage's supposed last fight in the UFC, he's playing a game of "Who shall I put on the chopping block next?" Of late, he's called out the UFC, Chael Sonnen and most recently, his former nutritionist, Mike Dolce. In an interview with ESPN, he states,

I'm with Soulmatefood now and they are planning all my nutrition really well. I was with Mike Dolce for a while but I just got tired of him experimenting on me," Jackson says. "I used to have to cut a lot of weight with that guy. He would give me a lot of bread and Nutella sandwiches. At the time I was loving it, but then I had to pay for it when I had to cut all the weight.

The two haven't worked together in more than two years, and little to nothing has been said from either side as to why they cut ties until now. Dolce, a TUF veteran, himself, has had great success with a multitude of fighters, many of which swear by him and his methods. He has a calendar that stays booked six months to a year in advance, and his services are requisitioned by the biggest names in the business. There's no denying it, he gets results. I spoke to Mike today, and got his side of story.


What the experiment was, was how to trick a world class athlete to eat healthy, and throw away his less than professional diet. The experiment was psychological. How do I trick this guy into eating healthy when he throws a temper tantrum any time he has to eat a vegetable? I don't know why he brought me into this, though. He knows the work we did was amazing. There's a video out there where he talks about feeling the best and lightest he's ever felt on my plan. I was shocked and disappointed with what he said. When I first saw it, I thought, 'He's got to be telling a joke right now, because this is so far from the truth, so far from accurate.'

The Split

The lifestyle within the camp just didn't suit my philosophy. I only like to work with athletes that work with me 12 months out of the year. The problem is, with Quinton, he'd begrudgingly do what I said during training camp, but in between camps, he would just do whatever he wanted. That became harder and harder to work around. For the Rashad camp, he came in 8 weeks out at 251. His next camp, for the fight with Machida, he came in at 260 pounds.

I care about the guy. One of our last conversations was about his health, not about his performance. I wanted the guy to be healthy. I wanted him to be walking year round in the low 220s. That should be his ceiling. He should be at 10% body fat year round. He's a genetically gifted specimen, but life would go in a certain direction, and his weight would go far north of what it should have been. We spent a lot of time playing catch-up in these training camps. It wasn't fair to my other guys (Vitor Belfort, Thiago Alves, Johny Hendricks, Nik Lentz, etc) that couldn't get a fair amount of my time because I had made Rampage my priority. It's even more of a reason why his statements are just so ill-founded.

Possibility of future work together

My dance card is so full, I'm booked six months to a year in advance. I can say that after I left Quinton, after his victory against Matt Hamill, I always supported him. I always cheered for him, bought his PPVs, jumped up from my couch whenever he was throwing punches and looking like he had a chance to win. Unfortunately, he lost both fights after we parted ways. He missed weight for the first time in his career after I left. I still think he could be the light heavyweight champion of the world if he would just fill in those holes that I was desperately trying to get him to fill in during our work together. I'll still root for him and I'm still available if he ever has questions, but I'm so busy now. If he ever came to me to work together again, we would have to have a talk about the personal issue, first. In reality, I can only commit to so many athletes, and it's a very small group. I'm pretty much at my max now.

Video of Quinton singing the praises of The Dolce Diet

You can follow Mike via his Twitter account, @TheDolceDiet or via his new podcast, The Mike Dolce Show

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