Dana White compares Ronda Rousey to Mike Tyson, calls Justin Timberlake a 'd**khead'


Dana White discusses several big topics in a recent interview, including busting out the old "Diaz brother trapped in a really pretty body" line to describe Ronda Rousey and blasting Justin Timberlake for blowing off his kids.

Dana White's admiration of Ronda Rousey has been clear for quite some time. The UFC boss has never held back from admitting that without Rousey there would not be a WMMA fight taking place in the UFC.

It's something that Dana talked about in a recent, in-depth interview with Sports Illustrated. He even repeated his really bizarre "Diaz brother trapped in a really pretty girl's body" line:

You told me once that women were pretty, and you didn't want them fighting in the UFC.

[I said] it would never happen.

So how much of your signing Ronda Rousey is about Ronda Rousey . . .

It's all Ronda Rousey.

. . . and how much of this is your having a daughter?

Has nothing to do with my daughter, believe me. At the end of the day, what everybody needs to understand about me is that I'm a fight fan. I'm a fight fanatic. I love fighting. Everybody wanted to come out and say it's because Ronda Rousey is hot, and I got a crush on her. [Former MMA fighter] Gina Carano is hot too. Ronda Rousey is a different animal. Yes, she is pretty. She is also mean, she is nasty, and she likes to finish people.

You sit down and have a real interview or spend a day with Ronda Rousey, she's a different breed, man. She's a Diaz brother trapped in a really pretty girl's body. I'm telling you, man. She's mean and nasty and she likes to fight and finish people.

She doesn't want to go in -- she never wants to go in and win in a decision. She wants to go in there and she wants to hurt you.

How many of your fighters have that attitude? How many of them just grind it out?

There are grinders. We got guys like Roy Nelson who say that all that matters is winning; doesn't matter how you win, just as long as you win. [But] I would say me and 90% of the fight community like people who are finishers. We were just talking before this interview about who? Mike Tyson. Why did everybody like Mike Tyson? Because he had fantastic boxing skills and loved to go the distance? No, because when you watched a Mike Tyson fight, you knew somebody was about to be executed. When Tyson would walk into an arena you would get goose bumps. As a fight fan those are the kind of fighters you like. And trust me when I tell you, Ronda Rousey is that person.

Dana also talked about Justin Timberlake blowing off his kids at the Nickelodeon Awards, calling him a "dickhead" and "jack off":

There [are] no other kids backstage. No other kids. Just my kids, and I think I have Lorenzo's daughter with me, too. This was a few years ago. You name it, A-list, all the A-listers that the kids would love are backstage.

The biggest d---head back there was Justin Timberlake.

Don't say that.

Just such a complete jack off, yeah.

Blew your kids off?

Just couldn't have been a bigger d---.

He's a big UFC fan, I thought.

I don't know if he's a UFC fan or not, but I'm not a big Timberlake fan. Takes two seconds to say hi to a kid. Takes two seconds. I never run by anybody. If you're a fan of the UFC and you like it or your kids like it, why would I not want to talk to you? Why would I not?

It's another solid Dana interview that gives insight into his unique way of thinking. I may not agree with a lot of his opinions, but he never really stops spouting of interesting quotes.


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