Advice on making DISSECTIONS more concise

Cuz that'd be nice

Dis ninja hard as ice

Such as liquid kickin' it live

at a sack-shrivelin' temp of -135

Calculate dat shit on any scale you like

In Celsies or straight-up Fahrenhizzies

Flashin' blizzy, mad tight, stab you widda kitchen knife

Gordy ... go get the muh-fuckin provisions, you morphodite



It would be rude to ask a favor while offering nothing in return, so I tapped into my "Gangsta J" persona, which once propelled me to the prestige of having the tightest rap posse in my entire 7th-grade home room. Troof/reckanize/WHUT playa, etc.

Seriously though ... hi. My schedule has always been frantic but I just questionably took on a 3rd job. In the last 2 weeks, I've worked anywhere from 12-17 hours and slept an average of 4-5. Gangsta J need'a sleep mo, son.

So, since I heard a rumor that you fucks actually do place a lot of emphasis on Dissections, I'm entertaining ideas to make the process quicker and more concise. I think I have to eliminate my unbreakable habit of being all artsy-fartsy and/or outlining the fighters' recent or overall history. I'm much more of a creative writer and like to satisfy that urge as well as lend some uniqueness or personality to the piece, but, especially for prelim cards with anywhere from 5-9 fights, I'd like to whittle it down to just the facts ma'am.

I thought I'd consult with y'all because, really, I write these for you. *cue dramatic piano music accented by emotion-inspiring violin* I was thinking something like B-Hem does at MMAMania: more of a bullet-style with a list of each fighters' biggest wins/losses and/or his recent 5 fights.

However ... overstep, and we rap battle. Dat be curtains, cuz I spew poison when I babble.

-- Gangsta J

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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