UFC 156's Frankie Edgar says cut to featherweight is 'more natural' and has made him 'a little quicker'


Frankie Edgar talks about his weight cut to featherweight to face Jose Aldo, the difficulties the match-up presents and what it would mean to be a two division champion.

Frankie Edgar will get a shot to become a two division champion when he faces Jose Aldo for the UFC featherweight title at UFC 156 on February 2. The move to featherweight comes after losing two straight controversial decisions to Ben Henderson, the first resulting in Edgar losing the lightweight belt.

The drop in weight doesn't guarantee Edgar instant success as Aldo is one of the sport's top pound-for-pound fighters and one of the most dangerous finishers in the game.

Edgar discussed a number of things in advance of the fight when speaking on the UFC 156 conference call yesterday afternoon.

On the weight cut for his first 145 pound fight:

It's been pretty much just positive. When I was at 155, I was forcing myself to eat more and lift a little heavy to try to put on size. Now it's more natural. I feel like my conditioning's better. I'm actually a little quicker. It's just a little less stressful. I don't have to worry about eating like every 2 hours.

On the problems Aldo presents:

He's one of the most dynamic strikers we have. He's very athletic and explosive compared to some of the guys I fought at 155.

He has a lot of tools. Especially in his striking. We've seen he's got great takedowns and takedown defense. I can't point out just one thing that would definitely win it for me because I definitely think he's well rounded.

He executes the leg kick very well. We've addressed that in this camp and I'm as ready as I can be for him.

I'm ready to stand with him. I'm ready to test the waters for the takedown. I come from a wrestling background. There hasn't been anybody I haven't been able to takedown yet, so I'm gonna go out there and go for some takedowns.

Edgar also was asked if adding Edson Barboza to his camp has been helpful in preparation for Aldo:

Edson's been a big piece of this camp and a great new teammate. His Muay Thai, it doesn't get any better than that. He's a little bigger, too, he's got great takedown defense as well. Him, along with one of his old training partners Marlon Moraes (I've been) doing round robins with them on a daily basis. They've got me more than ready.

And, finally, Edgar discussed what it would mean to win a title in a second weight division:

It's never really been done except by Randy Couture and B.J. Penn and they're legends in our sport. So to be mentioned with guys like that, it kinda speaks for itself. I'm not trying to look for it just by itself. I'm just focused on my next fight. If I win my next fight it takes care of everything.

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