UFC 156 conference call live updates

Michael Cohen

The stars of UFC 156 will be participating in a media conference call today at 2 pm ET.

In less than 2 weeks, former Lightweight champion Frankie Edgar will simultaneously make his Featherweight debut and challenge Jose Aldo for the 145 lb. title. The two will headline UFC 156 coming up on February 2 out of the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas, NV. The fight was originally scheduled for UFC 153, but had to be rescheduled after Aldo suffered a foot injury. The co-main event will feature a Light Heavyweight fight between former champion Rashad Evans and Antonio Rogerio Nogueira.

Monday afternoon at 2 pm ET (11 am PT) those four will participate in a media conference call. Heavyweight Alistair Overeem will also be on the call and so will his UFC 156 opponent Antonio Silva. Finally, UFC president Dana White will be on the phone, too. This will be Dana's first media appearance since undergoing surgery for Meneire's disease last Tuesday.

I will provide live updates from the fighters and promoter throughout the call here.


(On fighters talking their way to a title shot): It doesn't bother me. I don't think it's correct but it doesn't bother me. The correct way is to go out and fight. Earn your way to the title not talk your way to the title.

Watched Edgar/Henderson II several times. Believes Ben Henderson was the better fighter that night.


It's been pretty much positive. It's been a lot less stress, I haven't had to force myself to eat every 2 hours.

He's one of the dynamic strikers we've got. He's explosive.There hasn't been anyone anyone I haven't been able to takedown yet.

Edson Barboza has been a big part of this training camp and a great teammate. I don't think Muay Thai gets much better than that. And he has great takedown defense too.

he has a lot of tools especially in his striking. He's got great offensive takedowns and takedown defense. I can't point to just one thing to shut down to beat him.


I feel good. Having the time off has allowed my body to just feel better. A lot of time with fighters who do fight after fight after fight don't give their body the chance to heal. I think taking this time off will allow my career to be longer.

(On fighting Anderson): Anything's a possibility, but first things first. The only thing that's on my mind is Nogueira.

Why would I drop to 185 to be in the same place I'm at in 205? If it was a title shot or against a really good top contender, if it was something people really wanted to see it would be something to think about.

(Cutting to 185) is a big question mark. Since I turned 30 my body's been changing a lot. Cutting to 205 used to be easy, now I have to watch what I eat a lot more.

Anderson is one of my favorite fighters to watch. it would be an honor to fight him and I think I could beat him.


I've been training a lot for almost 6 months. I get in good shape. I'm in the best shape of my life.

Happy that Rashad has been respectful. He has a lot of respect for Rashad and knows he's in for a war against the former champion.


Most likely done with the voluntary testing he did during his 9 month suspension.


I've been waiting for this fight for 2 years. My thoughts are 100% on Alistair.

He's a tough guy. He's got good striking. But this is not kickboxing this is MMA. I am going to win this fight.

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