BECW5: UFC on FX 7 Belfort vs. Bisping Recap


Credit to Dallas Winston for the logo. Make sure to check out his dissections for the upcoming FOX card!

Hello again! The latest UFC on FX card wraps up as well as the first match-ups of season five of the BECW. The show itself was quite mediocre, to put it nicely. A lack of star power, bad officiating and judging, and underwhelming performances by various fighters made for a lackluster start to the calendar year for Zuffa. But never fear, we can just pack our bags, move on, and get ready for the next couple of cards which should be a blast.

As far as scoring goes, this event was a disaster. The average score was a whopping 46 points, although Dan Mirgliotta's ridiculously stupid NC stoppage early in the night certainly didn't help matters. Throw in the Ildemar Alcantara upset that only 8 people in our camp predicted, and 5 different fights that we were split nearly 50/50 on, and it becomes pretty clear why we did so awful as a whole. Chin up though, if you were one of the unlucky players, as there's plenty of time left to get back on track.

Only one of the six matches ended up being close when the final results came in, with eighteen points separating the Tim Kennedy Thread Survivors and Bloody Elbe. The average point differential between winning and losing teams was over 75 points, and one team crushed their opposition by a gargantuan 167 point margin. There's still six regular season games though for teams to turn it around, and each will get their chance at redemption against their week 1 opponents once we reach the fourth event of the season. On to the individual stats.

Individual Event Rankings

Rank Name Score
1 #82 GreyedOut 75
2 #60 aaronb 74
3 #44 Community is Awesome 71
4 #117 Gator Rolled 69
5 #88 DarthRevan 68
6 #98 KGNLuc 65
7 #3 sun yue 64
7 #36 -Neil- 64
7 #108 Rob Young 64
10 #10 John Danaher's Hair 62
10 #104 inthepipes 62
12 #77 benten20 61
13 (C) Our Bovine Public 60
13 (C) gxc 60
13 #20 skeebop 60
13 #26 KNOWLEGE 60
13 #50 Dave Strummer 60
13 #89 Imaginary_Enemy 60
13 #115 Garrett Turpin 60
20 #53 Tim Bernier 59
20 #100 Sonnens Political Adviser 59
22 (C) POW 58
22 #8 clayguidashair 58
22 #84 sgiblin 58
25 (C) Andy Davis 57
25 #46 StevenGiles 57
25 #116 Starseed 57
28 #29 Laoldar 55
28 #47 jafotinatos 55
28 #95 Marcu$ 55
31 #71 Dr. Octagon 54
31 #85 Medium Nog 54
33 #7 Earl Montclair 53
33 #40 thuggis 53
33 #41 Pat Tzu 53
33 #66 KatGirl 53
33 #80 TitanFan2K 53
33 #90 Waristotle 53
33 #101 Chris Groves 53
33 #109 Clay Davis 53
41 #22 afrotikiman 52
41 #43 CentreLine 52
41 #120 Body Triangle 52
44 #32 Jeremy Couturier 51
44 #51 MaZZacare 51
44 #58 sday420 51
44 #61 Noahwob 51
48 (C) Violent Newt 50
48 #13 Zachary Kater 50
48 #76 sklart 50
48 #105 Robert Cowan 50
52 #34 Dangalvan 49
52 #118 memitim 49
52 #119 akenson 49
55 #21 FFC 48
55 #27 Pookie_Gnome 48
55 #38 Brent Ducharme 48
55 #56 Mookie Alexander 48
55 #64 BROCKLESNAR!!!!!! 48
55 #73 WeePaul 48
55 #79 duck 48
55 #99 Ayn Randy Couture 48
63 (C) Josh Hall 47
63 #4 phenylenginerods 47
63 #23 Patrick Wyman 47
63 #31 PelvicThrust 47
63 #57 KMcCaig 47
63 #81 Fedorable 47
69 #6 Brad Ackerson 46
70 #74 LYHL 45
70 #91 cardioless 45
70 #111 jason18 45
70 #113 mlzybaby 45
74 #15 Horselover Fat 44
74 #19 Jeffigatame 44
74 #30 discoandherpes 44
74 #39 alxn 44
74 #45 darken 44
74 #54 UndrCovrBrah 44
74 #83 Sexytime 44
81 #33 PDG27 43
82 #12 Ak.Death 42
82 #14 wonderfulspam 42
82 #24 brutalbobbyt 42
82 #63 Matt Bishop 42
82 #67 TheTrapezoidConspiracy 42
82 #75 trice 42
88 (C) Paulo Filho's Psychiatrist 40
88 (C) Sugel Mendoza 40
88 #11 tomvale13 40
88 #25 Ben Bauman 40
88 #65 SteveevaD 40
88 #69 grizzlyatoms 40
88 #110 Colonel Duke Lacross 40
95 (C) RonSwanson 39
95 #70 T.C. Engel 39
95 #94 bcpjkell 39
98 #16 Tim Burke 38
98 #87 alicks 38
98 #103 HaterSlayer 38
101 #18 IvanIllich/JakeHopkins 37
101 #52 Andersac 37
101 #68 DirtyML 37
101 #102 scruffy_thejanitor 37
105 (C) lanky6 36
106 #37 LBO 35
106 #42 UK MMA MAN 35
106 #49 Snatchl 35
106 #59 Fraser Coffeen 35
106 #93 CatchNJ687 35
106 #96 1N87 35
112 #72 HurricaneHeron 34
112 #97 RStephen4 34
114 #5 Tats16 33
114 #48 manch1ld 33
114 #106 Waffne 33
114 #107 DreamingOfFighting 33
118 #17 ElliotMatheny 32
118 #28 AndrewByrne 32
120 #114 Careful-Icarus 31
121 (C) ScoreCardOTN 30
121 #35 triangled 30
123 #9 Sweet Scientist 28
123 #112 Euthanatos 28
125 #55 gugabe 27
126 #1 DetroitDrew1980 26
126 #2 swiftman 26
128 #78 Whazup1989 25
129 #86 ThirdParty 24
130 (C) forkboy 22
131 #62 George Halvatzis Jr. 17
132 #92 sonnenmeister 14

Congratulations to 7th round draft pick GreyedOut who went 8 for 10 on the night with 4 perfect picks and 14 points on the hot bout! aaronb was a sole point away from sharing the spotlight, and newcomer Community Is Awesome rounds out the top 3. The only first round picks who cracked the top 10 are former Lakers' superstar Sun Yue and the hair of John Danaher. Meanwhile, the top two draft picks this season, swiftman and DetroitDrew, finished tied for 126th place out of 132 people. That's just sad. I don't even want to make fun of them. Yet.

At the bottom of the list is sonnenmeister, who decided to only pick for three fights on the entire card. So you know, congratulations for being that guy. People like you ruin the competition and I hope your captain intends on replacing you before the next event. With other people serious about playing, yet not being able to snag a spot in the roster, while you manage to mess up in the first event of the season, it's poor form, dude. Remember though captains, you only get one replacement player for the season, and it has to be done before the week 7 regular season finale.

Individual Performance Evaluation

(Numerical measure of how you're performing for the season-to-date based on the differential between your point total ranking and your draft number. Negative numbers are bad.)

#1 DetroitDrew1980 -125
#2 swiftman -124
#3 sun yue -4
#4 phenylenginerods -59
#5 Tats16 -109
#6 Brad Ackerson -63
#7 Earl Montclair -26
#8 clayguidashair -14
#9 Sweet Scientist -114
#10 John Danaher's Hair 0
#11 tomvale13 -77
#12 Ak.Death -70
#13 Zachary Kater -35
#14 wonderfulspam -68
#15 Horselover Fat -59
#16 Tim Burke -82
#17 ElliotMatheny -101
#18 IvanIllich/JakeHopkins -83
#19 Jeffigatame -55
#20 skeebop 7
#21 FFC -34
#22 afrotikiman -19
#23 Patrick Wyman -40
#24 brutalbobbyt -58
#25 Ben Bauman -63
#27 Pookie_Gnome -28
#28 AndrewByrne -90
#29 Laoldar 1
#30 discoandherpes -44
#31 PelvicThrust -32
#32 Jeremy Couturier -12
#33 PDG27 -48
#34 Dangalvan -18
#35 triangled -86
#36 -Neil- 29
#37 LBO -69
#38 Brent Ducharme -17
#39 alxn -35
#40 thuggis 7
#41 Pat Tzu 8
#42 UK MMA MAN -64
#43 CentreLine 2
#44 Community is Awesome 41
#45 darken -29
#46 StevenGiles 21
#47 jafotinatos 19
#48 manch1ld -66
#49 Snatchl -57
#50 Dave Strummer 37
#51 MaZZacare 7
#52 Andersac -49
#53 Tim Bernier 33
#54 UndrCovrBrah -20
#55 gugabe -70
#56 Mookie Alexander 1
#57 KMcCaig -6
#58 sday420 14
#59 Fraser Coffeen -47
#60 aaronb 58
#61 Noahwob 17
#62 George Halvatzis Jr. -69
#63 Matt Bishop -19
#64 BROCKLESNAR!!!!!! 9
#65 SteveevaD -23
#66 KatGirl 33
#67 TheTrapezoidConspiracy -15
#68 DirtyML -33
#69 grizzlyatoms -19
#70 T.C. Engel -25
#71 Dr. Octagon 40
#72 HurricaneHeron -40
#73 WeePaul 18
#74 LYHL 4
#75 trice -7
#76 sklart 28
#77 benten20 65
#78 Whazup1989 -50
#79 duck 24
#80 TitanFan2K 47
#81 Fedorable 18
#82 GreyedOut 81
#83 Sexytime 9
#84 sgiblin 62
#85 Medium Nog 54
#86 ThirdParty -43
#87 alicks -11
#88 DarthRevan 83
#89 Imaginary_Enemy 76
#90 Waristotle 57
#91 cardioless 21
#92 sonnenmeister -40
#93 CatchNJ687 -13
#94 bcpjkell -1
#95 Marcu$ 67
#96 1N87 -10
#97 RStephen4 -15
#98 KGNLuc 92
#99 Ayn Randy Couture 44
#100 Sonnens Political Adviser 80
#101 Chris Groves 68
#102 scruffy_thejanitor 1
#103 HaterSlayer 5
#104 inthepipes 94
#105 Robert Cowan 57
#106 Waffne -8
#107 DreamingOfFighting -7
#108 Rob Young 101
#109 Clay Davis 76
#110 Colonel Duke Lacross 22
#111 jason18 41
#112 Euthanatos -11
#113 mlzybaby 43
#114 Careful-Icarus -6
#115 Garrett Turpin 102
#116 Starseed 91
#117 Gator Rolled 113
#118 memitim 66
#119 akenson 67
#120 Body Triangle 79

Gator Rolled gets top honors as overperformer for the card. Drafted with only three other available players remaining, he finished 4th on the event proving he could be a force to be reckoned with throughout the season. Fellow newcomer and 115th draft pick Garret Turpin is second on the overperformers with a +102, and veteran Rob Young finished +101. As a teammate of Rob's last season, I'm not really sure why he was drafted so low, sure he can be inconsistent, but every so often he puts up really good numbers that are crucial to his team's success. Great role player who finished very well on Saturday.

On the other side of the spectrum, LOL. It should be without saying that Swiftman and Drew are the leading underperformers of the season, but there, it's said. I've never seen a number so low on the individual performance evaluation, but I'm sure Dave Strummer is relieved to no longer hold that honor. Sweet Scientist rounds out this bottom three being drafted 9th and finishing 123rd. Step your game up, boys.

Captains' Table

Rank Name Score
13 (C) Our Bovine Public 60
13 (C) gxc 60
22 (C) POW 58
25 (C) Andy Davis 57
48 (C) Violent Newt 50
63 (C) Josh Hall 47
88 (C) Paulo Filho's Psychiatrist 40
88 (C) Sugel Mendoza 40
95 (C) RonSwanson 39
105 (C) lanky6 36
121 (C) ScoreCardOTN 30
130 (C) forkboy 22

Jesus, forkboy, did you visit Hawaii and find a cursed tiki idol or something? I know PFP proved you don't have to be a good picker in order to bring titles home as a captain, but you're certainly not doing yourself any favors. Besides, TC is already disgruntled as it is and may be hitting up the front office to pull a Dwight soon enough. Congrats to all four captains at the top of the table though, who put up respectable numbers for the first event

Week 1 Match-Ups Recap

(Check out Dallas' fanpost on Hover Zoom and Thumbnail Zoom Plus for convenient viewing.)

Bisping Division


Despite seven players above average for the event, Leonard Garcia's Picking Accuracy falls to The Bjorn Ultimatum, who had fine scores all around aside from that oh so helpful #1 draft pick, and were tied for the highest adjusted score among teams. But the real headline in the event? The battle between the two most mocked captains following the draft. Despite ScorecardOTN having what was thought to be the worst draft choices of any captain (Look at all that red!) and lanky supposedly having the best ones, We Came To Pick, They Came To Grapple did not come to pick well as only two players scored above average, and their best score was only six points above average. The Legion of Lurkers, the team made up almost entirely of newcomers, didn't have the best team effort, but solid performances at the top and bottom of the team were way more than enough to seal the deal against one of the most underwhelming opponents of week 1. Hats off for proving everyone wrong so far, but the competition will only get tougher from here.

Fitch Division


Andy Davis' I Can't Believe It's Not Horsemeat! had a decent point total despite only three players being above average, but that wasn't enough to stop Dana White's Bail Bonds. Their captain Ron didn't have a very memorable showing, but good predictions throughout the team put them over the 500-point mark and sealed the deal on the win. The Fukers were one of the strongest teams of the night, and POW made short work of his cousin gxc's squad as that ridiculously long-named team finished 10th among the league for the night. Earl did show somewhat that being chosen in the first round wasn't a complete failure of a decision, but his 53 point total matched by KatGirl and WARistotle along with their captain's good performance wasn't enough to stop their opponent who had 8 players above average.

Bones Division


Bob Sapp's Bushido Spirit gets the illustrious honor of being the worst group of predictions for the first event, and to make matters worse for them they faced the team with the highest points sum for the fights, the Birds of War. The only drafted player above average for Josh's team was dutchbaby, whereas consistency was on display throughout Sugel's roster. Spam was predictably underwhelming. In the rematch of the BECW4 GP, Newt's chance at revenge against PFP was snuffed as Bloody Elbe squeaked past the Tim Kennedy Thread Survivors. This was the closest match-up however, for whatever moral victory that serves, and maybe if Beer Monster and SS can get back on track in Week 2 the survivors can get back on track. Bloody Elbe had the most players below average of any winning team, so they should probably look to strengthen their team chemistry despite the win.

Week 2 Schedule

Bisping Division
The Bjorn Ultimatum (Our Bovine Public) 1-0 vs. Legion of Lurkers (ScorecardOTN) 1-0
Leonard Garcia's Picking Accuracy (forkboy) 0-1 vs. We Came To Pick, They Came To Grapple (lanky6) 0-1
Fitch Division
The Fukers (POW) 1-0 vs. I Can't Believe It's Not Horsemeat! (Andy Davis) 0-1
Dana White's Bail Bonds (RonSwanson) 1-0 vs. TASACDWS (gxc) 0-1
Bones Division
Birds Of War (Sugel Mendoza) 1-0 vs. Bloody Elbe (Paulo Filho's Psychiatrist) 1-0
Tim Kennedy Thread Survivors (Violent Newt) 0-1 vs. Bob Sapp's Bushido Spirit (Josh Hall) 0-1

I don't think there's any need for me to include xmas tree tables, since you know, you have all the information available by using the week 1 review and week 2 schedule. Same goes for the division standings. But instead, because I haven't yet included enough images in this to ruin the chances of mobile users enjoying this post, here is spam's preview of week 1 that was in the comments to the live discussion, which includes a recap of each captains' draft performance based on an aggregation of the lists captains sent in afterwards of how they would choose each player's draft number. Some of his commentary is humorous in hindsight based on the Week 1 results.


Both captains had just-above-average drafts based on the consensus (OBP, forkboy, Andy Davis, ScoreCard and lanky sent me draft rankings that I could use), with forkboy picking up more better steals but OBP having the most consistent draft. There's obviously something wrong with the numbers I ran given that TC is listed as a good pick, however.


Not just the biggest grudge match so far, this matchup pits the expectedly pish Legion of Lurkers against the unexpectedly brilliant WCTPTCTG. lanky6 had the best draft by all numerical measures (and the worst draft by all non-numerical, off course) as Drew was the only dubious pick in the bunch while Snatchl, WeePaul and RStephen4 were considered great value. ScoreCardOTN, on the other hand, managed to pick AndrewByrne a remarkable 42 places higher than his consensus value, while last season's replacement standout, darken, was a solid pickup.

ScoreCard better work some magic if his team is to do well this season.


gxc was the only captain who came close to ScoreCard in terms of baffling picks, as his decision to go with E-Mo in the first round was around 24 spots to early according to the consensus. PelvicThrust and gugabe were ever greater reaches, as gxc ended up with the 2nd worst draft. POW's otherwise great draft was marred somewhat by two dodgy rookie pickups that brought his draft rating all the way down to average. There's still lots of firepower on the team, however, and if the rookies prove themselves, The Fukers have a chance of making it to the top.


Whoa, nelly. Some pretty egregious reaches for Andy Davis to start things off before his auto-draft started yielding better results in the second half of the draft. With only four returning players incl. the captain himself, this team is up against it. RonSwanson, on the other hand, had a very nice draft indeed with a couple of highly regarded steals (Muckie & inthepipes) and an all-round solid cast of experienced players. If clayguidashair can keep up his great scores, the Bail Bonds have a great chance of making waves.


In a rematch of last season's Grand Prix final, two captains with terrible fight picking skills but great personnel picking skills do battle. This time around, however, Newt didn't particularly impress as every single one of his players were picked right around where the consensus ranked them. The team is consistent, however, and Newt knows a couple of players from past seasons. PFP had a great draft, picking Dangalvan, alxn, sday420 and GreyedOut nearly a full round after the consensus had them going.


TEXAS SHOWDOWN! Sugel had a very average draft by all metrics and when Zater inevitably continues his yoyo-performances, the Birds of War are going to crash violently. I have a feeling Medium Nog could turn out to be a real bargain, even if the consensus thought it was merely an average pick. Greater Hall had an excellent draft, picking up solid-to-great picks throughout. tomvale in the first round is a gamble, as he will have to do very well to keep up his S4 performance, but the overall team composition is great with Brazilian input from Triangled, a couple of SB Nation staffers/ex-staffers and a couple of promising rookies. WAR BOB SAPP'S BUSHIDO SPIRIT

That pretty much covers everything I believe, I'm going to wait a couple more events before showing the all-time leaderboard again, to build the suspense up and all that jazz. Here's a couple quick notes about upcoming events, general info for newcomers about how the BECW works, and some other stuff though.

  • This is going to be a grueling stretch of events as there are two more coming in the next two weekends, and five cards total through the next eight weeks. Be vigilant, and make your picks in advance in case something were to come up in your personal life. This Saturday is UFC on FOX 6 - Mighty Mouse vs. Dodson so MAKE YOUR PICKS NOW! Missing picks is the worst thing you can do, it makes everybody on your team hate you, ruins the legitimacy of the competition, and makes me have to do more work with the recaps, the most important reason why you shouldn't do it.
  • With knowing your opponents for the first two weeks now, your Week 3 opponent will be the last team remaining in your division that you haven't played, and then the order will repeat through Weeks 4 to 6. And by 'week' I mean 'event' similar to an NFL schedule if that's not clear. As with last season, Week 7 will see each division's #1/#4 and #2/#3 teams in the standings face off to try to secure their spot in the playoffs
  • After seven weeks, the top two teams in each division earn a spot in the playoffs based on their W/L record, and total season points as a tiebreaker if necessary. Of the six remaining teams in the league, the two with the highest point totals for the season will earn playoff berth as well as wildcards, giving us 8 candidates for the BECW5 Grand Prix.
  • The last three weeks of MMAPlayground's 10-event season will be used for the Grand Prix and Bland Prix. The Grand Prix is a basic 3-round tournament starting with quarterfinals where the #1 seed plays #8, #2 plays #7, and so on. The Bland Prix will be a round-robin with the 4 teams who didn't make the playoffs, where a new W/L record followed by total points throughout the Bland Prix will determine teams' final rankings for the season. All clear?
  • If you still haven't found your way into the BECW fight camp, you should probably get on that, and if you're waiting for an invite or something email spam or I and we'll try to straighten it out with JDH, the camp leader. Or you could just bug him about it. Either or.
  • Anything missing from my standard recaps that you'd like to see included? We're always open to suggestions so feel free to give any input. Unless it's about me getting them published sooner.
  • Speaking of which, I'm totally open to someone else doing the recaps as long as they're able to work on them sooner than I've been able to recently. However, I can tell you now that it's incredibly tedious and grows tiring quickly (I'm at 3,600 words now including all the charts). Although I'm very specific about the consistency of the format and stuff for them, I'll be happy to walk someone through each of the steps in creating one. You just need some basic knowledge of editing and grabbing data from spreadsheets, taking screenshots and uploading images, and the SBNation fanpost editor, obviously.
  • Big thanks to Horsey should be given by you guys for continuing his work in getting the live scoring spreadsheets prepared, even though he avoided the season preparations like the plague. And an even bigger thanks to spam who's the mastermind making pretty much all the other behind the scenes magic happen and who did a lot of the work to ensure a smooth start to BECW5. Newt too for stepping up and volunteering to keep the live scoring going when the Euro punks go to bed and I'm blacked out.

All in all, a really fun start to this chapter of the Civil War, and I look forward to more entertaining shenanigans along the way to crowning our 5th champions of this competition. See you Saturday!

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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