Long time lurker, first time poster....

So today is the day that I leave a big subsection of the Bloody Elbow community. Today the silent majority loses a member, and I will no longer be a lurker. I tend to find the online community (be it MMA, poker, basketball, hip-hop, etc.) as a whole to be snarky, elitist, and often void of constructive discourse, hence the apprehension in posting. But I genuinely love this site, and made a resolution to post on Bloody Elbow, a site that i have frequented through Fagan and Roth. Being a resident lurker, means I have a lot to say that has up until this point, went unsaid. This post is going to ramble, it's going to have syntactic and grammatical errors, and at times it's going to sound like a love letter to the site. I don't give a fuck there is too much good on BE to remain silent. So without further adieu: "Come Forward Maternal Fornicators"!!!!!

-I look forward to the scouting report every year (thanks Leland and smoogy!). I'd love to see how well prospects actually fare long term. You guys are entitled to some DAP.

-I love Fedor, but hate debating whether he is the best. It's probably Anderson.....That being said; if Jon Jones retired today, with wins over Shogun, Machida, Rampage, Rashad, Belfort (all his other victories not withstanding) he needs to be in that conversation. With a potential move to heavyweight, I'm honestly excited to see how his career turns out.

-I sometimes fuckin' hate Jon Jones. Couldn't you have just murked Sonnen on a weeks notice, and saved us all some time??? Hire someone capable of making you seem more likeable. Maybe have a barbecue and invite Dan Miller, JDS, Brian Stann or Big Nog, and get a 'good dude by association' tag.

-Though the amount was much smaller, I was there in spirit with mmalogic screaming 'lets mother fuckers'!!!! after placing a small bet on Rogers (he hits like a truck....werdurm win??? How the fuck is Werdum going to beat Fedor???)It sounds stupid just typing it.

-I sometimes read a Mookie post and think this is pure SSreporters. Che Mills level wit!

-The expected results of either of the Silva superfights are not foregone conclusions....Speed kills

-My favourite fight of 2012 was UFC 152-TJ Grant vs. Evan Dunham. When Ray Sefo tells you to take the centre of the octagon, you better damn well do it!

-I was high on mushrooms when I checked BE at 9am on December 31 to see Aoki by knockout. I yelled"I must be high on mushrooms" and laughed hysterically for what felt like an hour.

-I would love to see Kawajiri at featherweight in the UFC. A Kawajiri Vs. Pat Curran fight could be the best fight put on outside the UFC. -My favourite card is pride 33. The highlight for me was Shogun Murder death killing Overeem for the second time.

-I miss GSP.....GSP is me.....

-I think the Diaz brothers are two of the most interesting fighters both inside and outside the cage. They had me at gogoplata and sai fighting. I back the 209.......I don't back the majority of their fans or the notion that Nick deserves the shot over Johnny. Deal makers making deals.

-Who would win in a fight, Jack Slack or God?? Trick question....

-I want to see a Black Swan type movie about the career of Paulo Filho. 'Chasing Ghosts' is almost too good a title.

-I was at UFC 140. Despite the fact that I'm Canadian, I was pulling for the Zombie (my favourite fighter) over Hometown Hominick. I started cheering manically when CSJ flashbulbed him. I may have been the only one in the ACC doing this. I think everyone heard me.

-Esther Lin's work is amazing. I look forward to it after every card.

- I get the role that Dana has crafted for himself, I just wished he'd hold himself at least somewhat accountable some of the time, maybe????

-I don't subscribe to the notion of heavyweight (or any division for that matter) needing stability. I like resorting to pick-ems when trying to predict the outcome.

-Noah, Jesus, Allah, Buddha please let Huntooo beat Struve so we can see a JDS vs. Hunt fight.

-Jamie Varner held the cage as he was crunching Barbozas skull and I wonder if that's allowed or just sour grapes. I applaud his resurgence, but I can't shake him waiving the white flag against Cerrone and complaining about Bendo's flare for grappling. WEC never die!!!!

- Has anybody actually scene Frank Mir since the Torres loss at WSOF? I'm concerned for his well being. It's so hard to say goodbye to yestedayyyyyyy!

-Ricardo Arona could still come out of retirement and be legit at LHW right? Right????? Anyone???

-In an age where posterart has become a credible medium, Anton's art should pretty much be the poster for most events. My favourite is Strikeforce Diaz vs. Cyborg.

-Interim titles are cool. Actually defending them is PROBABLY cooler....

-How Strikeforce never had Gracie Vs. Jacare is beyond me!! This fight needs to happen in mma. I pray it happens in the UFC. K1 level grappling right there.

-My favourite gif is a tie between: Anderson Silva $$$, the soul leaving schaubs body, July 11, 2009 the day the H-Bomb struck Britain, and SHIT JUST GOT REAL.

-I almost quit BE after the format change. The page wouldn't load on my iPhone, for the first week (I had to go back to reading junkie....shudder). I'm overall happy with the format now.

-I had this already prepared in the 24 hour waiting period that sbnation made me wait before posting.

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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