King Mo Lawal has boxing clause in his contract, would like a fight with Kimbo Slice

Photo: Esther Lin / MMA Fighting

King Mo may have a Bellator tournament in his immediate future, but he has a boxing clause in his contract and would like to fight Kimbo Slice eventually.

With his Bellator debut two short weeks away, King Mo Lawal has plenty on his plate already. It shouldn't be considered a given that Mo will run the table as this season features a deeper field than previous Bellator tournaments at 205 pounds. However, Lawal has to be considered the hands-down favorite to outlast the other seven men.

But Mo isn't content to stop with just a tournament win and his new career as a professional wrestler. After Martinez News-Gazette boxing columnist Mark Ortega (Follow him on Twitter: @MarkEOrtega) told me that he was told by Mo that he had a boxing clause in his contract and was possibly interested in a bout with Kimbo Slice, I asked our own Stephie "Crooklyn" Daniels (follow her on Twitter also! @CrooklynMMA) to follow up.

On his contract:

I got a boxing clause in my contract. I just gotta get through this tournament and be healthy. Bjorn said that he was going to get me fights. But the thing with the contract is that we gotta agree on the opponent. But someone like Kimbo Slice? I'd be alright. We could hype that up, they can get behind me...

I think King Mo vs. Kimbo Slice would be a good boxing match. I got good training, he's got good training. I want to make it happen. So my main goal is to get through this tournament, win it, defend it, defend the belt once or twice and after that get that fight with Kimbo.

That's why I've been training with Jeff Mayweather so hard. Trying to get my boxing skills up. I think me vs. Kimbo would be a good fight. We could put it on Spike TV or something!

More on why he would like to fight Kimbo:

I like Kimbo Slice, I like what he's doing. I like the fact that he crossed over to boxing and he's actually training and he's going out there and knocking people out. Granted, they aren't high level, but he's just starting. I feel like me vs. Kimbo...that'd be a good fight. My speed vs. his power.

Stephie also asked what his ultimate goal in boxing would be and got a very thoughtful answer:

My ultimate goal is to win a regional title. Like the USBA or the NABO title. After that, I'm retiring because I'm gonna get beat up even worse. I spar with them boxers at the gym and I get the business. Michael Hunter Jr.? Whoops my ass. Andrew Tabiti? Whoops my ass. I like it. You know what I'm saying? I feel like if I'm getting training with the best guys, these mid-level guys ain't gonna be nothing to me.

Even getting to the level of an NABO or NABA championship is no joke. It would take skill and a good amount of work, but saying you want to get to the level of a Cedrick Boswell (current NABA champ) or Seth Mitchell (current NABA) is a lot different from saying you want to be a world champion competing with the Klitschkos. Is it more of a stretch than should be expected? Maybe, but hey, a realistic goal for several years down the road when you're already getting solid boxing training is not a bad thing.

You can follow King Mo on his twitter @KingMoFH.

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