UFC fighters and personalities give their resolutions for 2013

Photo By Stephie Daniels for Bloody Elbow New Year's Morning 2013

New Year's resolutions for 2013 by UFC fighters and personalities

Out with the old, in with the new. 2012 was a year of highs and lows for MMA. We saw the first woman get signed to the UFC in Ronda Rousey, and alternately, we saw several large scale events cancelled due to that nasty little injury bug. Hopefully, 2013 proves to be a spectacularly successful year for our beloved sport, and the icing on the cake would be to get MMA sanctioned in New York, so that projected October date for MSG can actually happen. In the meantime, I hit up a bunch of my UFC buddies and got their New Year's resolutions for our readers.

Ronda Rousey

I resolve to teach my dog how to find my keys.

Brittney Palmer

Paint more personal pieces.

Bruce Buffer

To be healthier than ever, to maintain and grow my passion for all I do, both in and out of the octagon, to provide for my family, and be a positive influence, not only to them, but also to my friends and all I work with.

Cung Le

It's my secret. Happy New Year!

Josh Barnett

My resolution is to buy all my holiday and special occasion gifts from Skymall.

Tom Lawlor

My resolution is to eat only meat, no veggies. It worked for Brock Lesnar enough to win the title and I am looking to do the same.

Chris Camozzi

Resolutions: Not get so fat between fights and go 4-0 and break into the Top 10.

Josh Thomson

To bring home another UFC title to AKA and San Jose.

Demetrious Johnson

To stay healthy, be a good husband and to have a great 2013 MMA career.

Eddie Wineland

To be unbeaten in 2013 and get the belt ... finish my home projects. Ha!

Daniel Cormier

To be the best father, boyfriend and fighter I can be. Continue to live for all the right things in life.

Scott Jorgensen

Win every damn fight, be on Inside MMA and hit a 2.0 k/d on Black Ops.

Leonard Garcia

Be stronger physically and spiritually. That means more exciting fights and a win streak in 2013.

Luke Rockhold

Easy. Start training again.

Joey Beltran

To be grateful for all the blessings I have in my life and to take time to enjoy the ride.

Darren Elkins

Set goals in my life and keep working toward them all year round. Be a great father and husband. Keep winning fights and keep getting better. Happy New Year!

Alan Belcher

My resolution is to stay focused despite my recent loss. I want to continue with the same enthusiasm I had going into the fight on Dec. 29. I hope to keep poise rather than crumble.

As an added bonus, Alan has allowed me to post a blog that he wrote, in it's entirety, for our readers. You can find the blog post, and many others on his personal site, Prommatraining.com

Mma inspiration: Your New year resolution will fail

**Post your goal below and I will stay on top of you and help you get there.
I'm your corner man this year. Nothing hits harder than life. I can't fight for you but I can sure yell at you and rub an ice pack on your face in the corner.**

Continue reading...

I am making some changes this new year. Although I nicknamed myself the talent, I have really made it through my mma career on hard work and small successes and improvements.

My recent failure is a great example of what happens sometimes when everything is lined up perfectly and you're on a roll.

You roll right into a brick wall and all the bricks come crashing down on your face.
It's up to you, how you bounce back from this.

I know you and I set goals every year , and not all of them are accomplished. Lets be real.

Why is that?

Well, one reason could be, not being serious about your goal In the first place. This one is probably this biggest reason for failure.

I want you to ask yourself why.. What is your reason for wanting to change or improve this?
Here you will find the chances of success in your resolution.
If the why is big enough then you are off to a great start.

So let me give you my top 5 reasons for failure in 2013.. Maybe you can use these to trouble shoot your obstacles and come out ahead this year.

1. Your reason why is not really that important. Or you need to find the true reason why.

2. Your setting an unrealistic goal. Your Setting yourself up for failure. Rome wasn't built in a day cuz. Set a goal that can be a achieved with some hard work and dicipline.

3. No accountability.. What happens if you don't reach your goal. Right it down. Tell everyone you know. Post it on facebook everyday in January.
This way you will be humiliated when you back out. Another thing you can do is tell someone you will give them money or something valuable if you don't do it.
This should work. Make it a big loss to you, that way you have to do it.

4. Your resolution is not specific. You have no true vision vision of your goal. Write down The day and time you want to a achieve it. Write down the details.
Example: if you want to lose weight, write Down how much exactly you want to weigh at the end of each week or month. By doing this you will cover the detail of your goal and the time you want to achieve it.

Example 2: you want to get better wrestling.... What specific takedowns? Or are you wanting to improve defense? If so, then what do you want to get better at defending. How many takedowns will you have to drill in each month or week to achieve it? By what date will you have drilled your number? By what date and time do you want to see the improvement. Again, write Down what it will take to improve.
Don't forget.... Realistic goals:)

5. This is a new one for me this year. I came up with this one while trying to figure out what I needed to do to stay focused after losing to yushin okami dec 29, right before the new year.

Your not inspiring anyone therefore you won't be as successful.
You must constAntly try to stay motivAted And share that With others. It will be impossible for you to fail if you step up as a leader and take true responsibility.
Everyday, read and share inspirational quotes, watch and share videos that are life changing and inspiring. Find someone who has similar goals and feed off of each other. Of find someone to mentor. There success will now depend on your example. I personally love this one.

I hope this post reaches you and helps you. Writing it give me the accountability and responsibility needed to stay focused for today. But just like you and every other human, mmA fighter or not, must take our goal or resolution one day at a time starting NOW!!

**Post your goal below and I will stay on top of you and help you get there.
I'm your corner man this year. Nothing hits harder than life. I can't fight for you but I can sure yell at you and rub an ice pack on your face in the corner.**

Post by Alan belcher
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It's been a fun year for me, being a part of the Bloody Elbow team. My resolution is to bring as much fresh content as I can to as many people as I can. I hope to provide quality information, as well as some entertaining stories for our readers. I hope you all have a great 2013. Happy New Year!

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