The only thing I love more than MMA

First, thanks for clicking, second I'm going to make an attempt at proper punctuation and capitalization. 'Attempt.'

I've been heavily into MMA for over 10 years now, some of which also actively training BJJ. Those close to me know that come fight night they not need even bother to call... I'm busy. At some point in casual conversation with all my friends the question has come up... Why? Why do you follow it so heavily? What got you started in BJJ? What about it is so intriguing to you? These questions mostly come up on the heels of someone pointing out that I don't often watch major sports. Sure I'll watch some big games, marquee match ups if you will. Of course I find myself getting caught up in the fever when my local team, wherever I presently am, makes a deep playoff run or plays for a championship. But all in all... since discovering MMA all those sports are different shades of grey. They all taste relatively bland to me, though admittedly that could be from my aggressive scotch intake. So they ask, why? My response is always the same, I've never deviated from my one answer and it is generally met with surprise.

It's beautiful.

Like the rest of you, I see past the carnage, the blood, the barbaric nature of combat. I see human chess being played on a 3 level board. I see greatness, I see blueprints, I see openings... I see beauty. There is but one thing in this world that i find more beautiful, more captivating than MMA. Music.

So, I'm a DJ. I've been doing so for roughly 12 years, 8 or more at a professional level. I just love music, and at the same time I'm bewildered by it. Fighting is obvious to me, it makes absolute sense how we've arrived to where we are. Clearly it is a million times more intricate than the days of barbarians swinging clubs, but the essence of it has been sitting before us since the beginning of time. It's in our nature and always will be, but music... how did we get here? Sitting back and thinking about how that came to be... how we've created this intangible thing of wonder. Music drives my life, it fills me in a way that no words are sufficient to describe, at least none that I am aware of. I am a DJfor the same reason I am an avid MMA fan. It's beautiful.

Now, getting that out of the way, being a DJ isn't all roses, as I rarely while working am I playing anything that piques my interest, rather I'm confined to what will make the masses move. Every venue is different, sometimes It's a top 40s feel, sometimes hip hop, others house or maybe 80s. I'm one of many that believes mainstream music has regressed in the past few decades, less quality, more cookie cutter quantity being pumped out, everyone vaguely fitting into the same mould. That does not mean that there is no good music anymore, its just buried and much sifting is required. Many with great talent never seeing the light of day due to not knowing the right person.. or even if they do meet the right people, perhaps they didn't massage their ego sufficiently. Sadly, this is the reality of the music industry, as is with many. It's not how good you are, its who you blow.

Regardless of that unfortunate truth, I recently made an account on a website called Zippytune. It allows me to host some mixes there for streaming purposes as well as make them available to download which is a rare combo. I have 3 mixes up there right now, all of which being live sets. The one entitled 'meow mix' is mostly club style hip hop, so if you're into that sort of thing i recommend giving it a go. It was recorded live from an outdoor festival and despite not being my taste in scotch so to speak, it was a great time. Another is labelled 'i go about about things the wrong way' and is mostly eclectic, with the only common thread being fairly heavy on new wave and what i would call 'new' new wave. Lastly is a mix that i call 'whats puzzling you is the nature of my game'. I would designate this as bar music. Just stuff that is generally friendly to a broad audience, what I would describe as a solid effort from me to play mainstream music but keep it fairly high brow. This was cut from a large outdoor party on a lakeside and was an amazing time.

Listen if you like to, comment (there or here) if you want to. If any of it is to your liking you can create a free account and receive updates as I post more material, and most importantly, suggestions are always welcome. Especially if you have any outside of the box music, things that have not seen the light of day, any hidden treasures at all. I'm always open to suggestions or requests for future mixes.

With no further blather, I humbly submit a sample of My Music



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