Bloody Elbow GIF Overload: The Submissions (Part 1)


In the second edition of BE's GIF Overload, Zombie Prophet brought us highlights of some of the most amazing submissions in MMA. We've got several joint wrenching armbars and leglocks from Shooto, King Of The Cage, and Pancrase. Hayato "Mach" Sakurai and Rumina "Moon Wolf" Sato stole the show as they made every effort to separate their opponents from their extremities. They weren't they only stars though:

  • Genki Sudo wins the award for most creative leg lock set up
  • Former UFC champion Carlos Newton makes Erik Paulson tap with his foot
  • Takaharu Murahama gets a little overzealous with a celebratory backflip attempt
  • Alexandre Franca Nogueira shows Hiroyuki Abe why it's better to tap than nap

As usual, hit the jump to check out all the grappling action.

Hayato Sakurai Vs. Caol Uno - Shooto: Let's Get Lost (Oct. 04, 1996)


Hayato Sakurai Vs. Ali Elias - Shooto: Reconquista 3 (August 27, 1997)


Hayato Sakurai Vs. Alex Cook - Shooto: Reconquista 4 (Oct. 12, 1997)


Carlos Newton Vs. Erik Paulson - Vale Tudo Japan 1997 (Nov. 29, 1997)


Rumina Sato Vs. Charles Diaz - Shooto: Devilock Fighters (Jan. 15, 1999)


Hayato Sakurai Vs. Brad Aird - Shooto: Renaxis 2 (July 16, 1999)


Rumina Sato Vs. Phil Johns - Shooto: Renaxis 5 (Oct. 29, 1999)


Rumina Sato Vs. Rafael Cordeira - Vale Tudo Japan 1999 (Dec. 11, 1999)


Jeremy Willimas Vs. Brennan Kamaka - King Of The Cage 4: Gladiators (June 24, 2000)


Genki Sudo Vs. Craig Oxley - Pancrase: Trans 6 (Oct. 31, 2000)


Hayato Sakurai Vs. Dan Gilbert - Shooto: To The Top Final Act (Dec. 16, 2001)


Hideki Kadowaki Vs. Naoya Miyamoto - Wanna Shooto Japan (April 21, 2002)


Betiss Mansouri Vs. Eddy Ellis - King Of The Cage 15: Bad Intentions (June 22, 2002)


Alexandre Franca Nogueira Vs Hiroyuki Abe - Shooto: Year End Show 2002 (Dec. 14, 2002)


Takaharu Murahama Vs. Chris Brennan - Shooto: 01/24 In Korakuen Palace (Jan. 24, 2003)


Bryan Pardoe Vs. Brent Stevens - King Of The Cage 23: Sin City (May 16, 2003)


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