UFC 152: Things That Have Happened Since Vitor Belfort Fought At Light Heavyweight

Vitor Belfort is fighting Jon Jones in the main event of UFC 152 in just a few weeks. It's a curious match-up, but one that wouldn't be happening if Dan Henderson had been able to remain healthy and not pull out of his UFC 151 bout with Jones, resulting in the cancellation of the entire card when Jones wouldn't accept a fight with Chael Sonnen.

The thing that makes it most strange is that Vitor Belfort hasn't fought at light heavyweight in quite some time.

How long has it been since Vitor fought in an actual light heavyweight fight?

This guy was still a senator:


While this thing had only been on sale in the United States for a couple months (and wasn't yet released in the UK):


But so much more has happened since Vitor Belfort fought in the division in which he will receive a title shot.

Just in the MMA world we've seen the entire MMA career of Brock Lesnar, Affliction came and went, EliteXC happened and got on network TV, doing huge ratings on the back of Kimbo Slice, Strikeforce became a big deal, getting themselves on network TV, then getting bounced because of a post-fight brawl, then getting bought by Zuffa, Bellator came into existence and got a deal with ESPN Desportes, then Fox Sports Net, then MTV2 and now has a deal with Spike TV.

19 different men have won UFC gold.

Oh yeah, and Jon Jones made his mixed martial arts debut.

The national average for a gallon of gas the week of Belfort's last light heavyweight bout was $2.81.

A little under a year after Belfort beat James Zikic, Michael Phelps became a household name, dominating the competition at the 2008 Olympic Games.

Manny Pacquiao wouldn't become a major star until over a year later when he dominated Oscar De La Hoya in December of 2008.

Barry Bonds retired after a season in which he broke the all-time home run record.

Movies like Iron Man, The Dark Knight, that horrible new Indiana Jones and Step Brothers all came out. Avatar, which feels like a lifetime ago, didn't come out until over two years after Belfort's last light heavyweight bout.

It was a different world when Belfort was still fighting at light heavyweight, and yet he'll get the chance to wear the crown at UFC 152. That may seem a little crazy, but it's not as crazy as when you realize that his last win over a legitimate top-tier light heavyweight came back at UFC 46, on a weird eyelid cut of Randy Couture.

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