UFC On Fuel TV 5: Stefan Struve ' I don't think the fans deserve boring, five round fights'

Image courtesy of Matt Ryerson for US Presswire

Stefan Struve promises a finish against Stipe Miocic, and discusses why he feels fans deserve more than long, drawn out fights.

In two short days, we'll have another UFC event, this time set in Nottingham England as Fuel TV's fifth installment. After an almost 12 month absence, England is getting their yearly card, and it has some match-ups that should provide some solid entertainment and excitement. The main event is a heavyweight affair featuring the unbeaten Stipe Miocic vs. the very talented and exceptionally tall, Stefan Struve. We recently interviewed Struve to get his thoughts on his weekend appointment with Miocic.

A pattern many have noticed, is that Struve seems to be a one man gauntlet. Any time there's an undefeated heavyweight looking to step it up in the ranks, Struve is dispatched to stand in the way of advancement, and he's made short work of three undefeated fighters, to date. Here's what he had to say about it:

I don't know. I hadn't really looked at it that way. I just know that I fought undefeated fighters before, so it doesn't bother me at all that it's how some people see me. The UFC took a good look at both of us and thought it would be an awesome match-up. The winner of this fight will be on a four fight win streak. It's good stuff. It's never easy in the UFC. They don't pick up bums from the street, unfortunately [laughs].

Something I want to keep showing, is that I grow with every single fight. I'm worthy of being Top 10 in the world. A lot of websites and magazines already have me there, from what I've heard, and I'm proud of that. I'm only 24 years old, and I'm just getting better. I'm climbing the ladder, step by step. I've been fighting since I was 16 years old. For me, it's nothing special. I just go in there and do my thing. I mean, it's awesome that I'm the main event, but for me, it's kind of normal, and I'm just going in to do my job.

Stefan is the winner of several "of the night" bonuses, and according to him, the fans deserve those type performances consistently, and it's something he strives to provide.

You know, one of the most important things for me, is when I fight, I want to have an exciting fight. I want to have the fans talk about it. I want them to go home and still be talking about that fight. They deserve value for their money. They buy expensive tickets and pay-per-views. They buy T-shirts and whatever they can to support fighters and promote the sport, so I think they deserve that. I don't think they deserve boring, five round fights. Our fight is scheduled for five rounds, but I can promise that this isn't going to last the full, five rounds. This fight is going to end early, because I'm going in there with bad intentions. I want to finish it by either knockout or submission, and I plan to not take too many rounds to do that.

He had a tough time against Shane Del Rosario in his last fight. Shane is a good kickboxer. I think I can give him an even harder fight in the stand-up if I use my kicks the way I should, and use my reach to keep the distance to my advantage. You haven't seen too much of me on the ground, but I can say this, I'm not afraid to fight anybody in the world on the ground. I'm happy to test his ground game. I think this is a big step up for him. It's going to be an awesome fight, for sure. We're both fight finishers. This is definitely not going to be a five rounder.

You can follow Stefan via his Twitter account, @Stefan Struve

SBN coverage of UFC on FUEL TV 5

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