Matwork! Cobrinha vs. Marcelo Garcia, IBJJF Pro League, Metamoris Injury

Image by Anton Tabuena

Bi-weekly compilations of videos and links to the news in the grappling world. This week's edition features Cobrinha vs. Marcelo Garcia, the IBJJF Pro League, a Metamoris Pro injury and more.

Recent happenings in the worlds of sambo, judo, Brazilian jiu jitsu, submission grappling and/or collegiate/freestyle wrestling. If it takes place on the ground and it's interesting, it should be here.

Marcelo Garcia has a successful gym in New York City and despite being displaced from the original location due to water damage, he and his gym still made the grappling news recently when word of a video of he and Cobrinha grappling got out.

This is that video. However, Marcelo doesn't hide this stuff from anyone who subscribes to his very popular MGinAction video database. This may be the single most terrifying thing about Marcelo Garcia - he will let everyone and anyone watch the videos of him teaching classes, grappling with high level competitors, teammates and coaches and more. And he does all this secure in the knowledge that he is still going to beat just about anyone on this planet. "Here is my game. Here is how I teach it, how I roll it and I'm still going to get you when we compete." Yow.

If you want more Cobrinha, check out this goofy video of him baking one of his famous cakes with a student. The MG academy is about to find a new permanent location, so their temporary digs at the Chelsea Piers spot won't be for much longer. Anyways, let's launch into the news for the rest of the world, with the biggest being first.

The IBJJF has revealed the news of a Pro League that will debut in early December. The goal is to build something like the ATP World Finals for tennis and to offer a significant cash prize to the competitors who win. I believe the winners of each division are getting $20k - which is very considerable in the BJJ world. The four divisions (-64 kg, -76 kg, -88.3 kg and +88.3 kg) will be contested among the top 20 ranked competitors in terms of points accumulated throughout the past three years. Gracie Mag has the details on what the rankings formula is and who the top 20 in each division is, so check that out.

If you want to see who the top 100 men in the rankings are, check out with the top fifty women being at

If you have any links of your own, questions or comments, leave them below or get word to me at DefGrappler on Twitter. Please let me know if I missed anything major and I will fix this, that and the other thing.

Wrestling/Judo News:

It's a slow time in wrestling and judo. College wrestlers are still in training for the season that is about to kick off (InterMat pre-season rankings are here already) and the judoka had most of the top competitors skip the 2012 Tashkent World Cup (results from Judo Inside here). The updated judo world rankings can be accessed in PDF form here (

The FILA 2012 Women's World Championships are being held tomorrow in the Edmonton region of Canada. The reason why it is being held in a year with the Olympics is due to weight class divisions. The Olympics does four divisions, while FILA does seven. has the nitty gritty and a look at the American team and top contenders from around the world.

Submission Grappling/Brazilian Jiu Jitsu News:

In the BJJ world, there is no tournament more anticipated than the Metamoris Pro that will be in early October. However, just like the MMA world, injuries can change the fights on the cards. Kevin Casey has dropped out for unknown reasons and his competitor has not been confirmed. The speculation on Sherdog ( suggests very strongly that Xande Ribeiro will step in against Dean Lister. If this is true, then Casey dropping out may not be such a bad thing after all. The tournament is being run by a collection of the Gracies in conjunction with another experienced promoter and they apparently can get nearly any big name they want with their cash prizes and clout.

If you can get past the aggressive "sell 'em" testimonials style of Lloyd Irvin, the man has some very, very good little details in this Micro Transitions video shown below. This is what smart grapplers do worldwide, so please do take the time to watch it - skip the annoying stuff if you like, but pay attention to the actual moves Irvin and Cornelius show.

CBD over at Tap Tap Tap has a very nifty short take on spider guard for her small, extremely mobile style.

I remind you of the Bloody Elbow Training Discussion (which isn't limited to BJJ or grappling). The second installment of this seems to have tapered off, but there is still a wealth of details to be found within it.

Odds and Ends:

Over at FightOpinion, the CSAC (California State Athletic Commission) is being shown up as an incompetent organization again and again. Here is the latest piece, which talks about how lower level boxers are getting screwed over big time by their dunderheadedness.

One of the best short pieces explaining what an athlete (or a person very dedicated to a physical hobby) experiences and it's about a woman rowing at Oxford. Fox Hawksley gives us "That Which Was Lost".

An interview with Randall Munroe, the creator of XKCD.

People, I always need more awesome Odds & Ends. Videos, gifs, links, whatever. Do not hesitate to send them my way in the comments or on Twitter.

Def Grappler out!

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