Feedback to round 1 of design tweaks - What you'd like to see next

I don't want the entire FanPost section to fill with nothing but talk of the redesign. But SB Nation United is a big deal and the company is listening to (reasonable) feedback.

It hadn't even been out for a full 24 hours when we had a new release addressing many of the most common feedback areas. Here is what we saw in round 1 of changes:

- We tweaked the brightness/contrast on the green for rec'd comments and the yellow on new comments so that they would be easier to distinguish. - We adjusted the size of the fonts and the line spacing - We adjusted the padding on the comments

There are MANY more changes coming, some that you might not notice at all but will make the experience better, some that have been asked for. But a general range of some of the near future changes:

- Moving comments closer to content
- Tweaking and streamlining the mobile experience
- Improving the experience on IE8
- Making the sites load even more quickly
and a lot more

What I'd like to see is some CONSTRUCTIVE feedback on what has been done so far. Does it make some of the issues you were having better? Is there more that needs to be done in those areas?

And I'd also like to see some feedback on what still needs to be done.

This needs to be a place where we can gather reasonable and intelligent responses to how to improve the new experience for you. Please don't waste everyone's time with empty complaints about "I don't like it" as that doesn't really help anyone. Also, no, there won't be a way added to just switch back to the old layout. I can't say it'll NEVER happen since I don't have a time machine, but it's certainly not happening in the near future and it would hamstring us anyway in some of the awesome stuff that we're going to be doing that we haven't even had a chance to really show you.

So again, try to keep it to being productive feedback on the changes and future updates you'd like to see.

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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