Daniel Cormier willing to dig deep and 'go through the fire' in a fight with Jon Jones

Kyle Terada-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Strikeforce HW champ, Daniel Cormier feels he may be the man to topple Jon Jones from his perch at the top of the LHW division.

MMA is having a rough go of it. To be more precise, Zuffa owned UFC and Strikeforce are seeing troubled times. Injuries have now led to the nixing of not one event, but two. Most recently, Strikeforce has fallen prey to injury forced card cancellation. Shortly before that, Frank Mir was forced to pull out of his scheduled November 3rd bout with Daniel Cormier due to injury. To date, no opponent has been set for Cormier to face. In a recent interview I conducted with Daniel, he gave his thoughts on the Strikforce situation, as well as Jon Jones' impressive victory over Vitor Belfort, and who he feels will be the one to dethrone Jones from the top of the light heavyweight division.

Thoughts on Strikeforce and waiting for a new opponent

I don't have an opponent yet, but they told me it's going to be in the next couple days, that I would know something soon. I'm hopeful, and I want to get this last fight done. Honestly, because Strikeforce and Showtime have been so good to me, I do want to give them that last fight. I don't want to just go over to the UFC and leave things unfinished. It's discouraging, because I think Strikeforce is a great brand and put on great events. It's very sad to see that things aren't going so well.

You can't have negative thoughts while you're training for a fight. Bob (Cook) told me yesterday it's hardest to stay motivated when you don't have an opponent. It's always easier with a face. I said to him, 'Am I fighting November 3rd and getting paid?' He said, 'Yes you are.' I think that's motivation enough. I'm a professional, and I honestly don't think it's going to be a reoccurring thing, Showtime canceling cards. I think they've done a good job in making the Oklahoma card a little deeper, because they've also got Luke Rockhold fighting, as well. With two main event guys on the card, if one was to get hurt, I think the show would go on.

Daniel was very clear about his views on the light heavyweight division, and stated via his Twitter that people were mistaken in thinking that Jones' performance against Vitor Belfort gives the rest of the division hope for beating him.

Thoughts on Jon Jones

There are questions about everybody. Take me, for example. People wonder how will I hold up in a longer, 5 round fight. Hopefully I answered that in the fight with Josh Barnett. With Jon, we all wondered how he would deal with adversity. He cruises through so many fights. How will he do when things don't go just right for him? Well, on Saturday night, he got dealt about as bad adversity as it could have gotten, and he got through it. I thought he fought well.

I think what that shows, is that Jon Jones is not only a great fighter, he's a guy that loves being a UFC champion and everything that comes along with being the UFC champion. The fame, the money, and everything else around it. The aura of being the best fighter in the world ... he really does love it. He lives for it, and it's not going to be easy to take that from him. He's willing to go through the fire in order to stay in that place. He's said in his interviews that he wanted to be the greatest fighter of all time, and people doubted his sincerity. Saturday, he showed that he meant what he said. He wants to be the best of all time, and he's willing to do what it takes to ensure that.

I would love all that stuff too. I would love to be called the best fighter in the world, and have everything else that comes along with being the UFC champion. I thought Saturday night was very telling, and it's going to be difficult to get that belt away from him. It's going to have to be somebody that's in the right frame of mind, that's willing to go through the fire with him. I know for a fact that I'm willing to go there. I'm willing to be involved in a dirty fight where we're both bloodied and can hardly stand up. You have to be willing to go to a place with Jon Jones that I don't know if many people are willing to go. I think Jon is the best fighter in the world, pound for pound. Not just at 205. In all the weight classes, he's the best.

I asked what he thought of Chael Sonnen's chances against Jones, should that bout be made. Here's what he had to say:

Chael Sonnen's chances against Jones

I think Chael would put up a good fight. He always comes to win. You can never question whether he's put in the work to give himself the best opportunity to win. You know he's put in the work. Still, I would not feel very confident in him going into a fight with Jones. I love Chael. I think he's great. He's going to wrestle, but Jon has a good wrestling coach, and even though I like Chael, I think Jon has good enough wrestling to keep him off of him.

You can follow Daniel via his Twitter account, @DC_MMA

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