Simple request from a BECW Captain: please don't rec our BECW FanPosts

As you all know, SBNation redesigned their 300-odd sports blogs today. Some love it, some hate, but I don't really care what you think right now. Many things changed with the redesign, and most of them I am quite happy with (the mobile site is absolutely incredible). But so far the one thing I dislike the most is that only two of the Recommended FanPosts are shown on the Front Page.

When a FanPost reaches 5 recs, it moves from the newer FanPost section, up the the Recommended section. With the old site, 5 recommended FanPosts were shown in that section, but now only two are shown. What happens when a third one is recommended? One of the FanPosts gets bumped to another page, the FanPosts section. So when things get recced, some things get bumped from the Front Page. Now, we should all be checking out the writing in the FanPost section of the site, but I know more people are going to see stuff on the Front Page instead of exploring more.

That brings us to the BECW. During the weekend of a UFC event, we use two FanPosts- one of them for the event Live Thread and another for Results. These FanPosts are relevant for maybe a day or a few hours each. Instead of reccing them and knocking other stuff out of the Recommended FanPosts portion of the Front Page, let's just leave them be. They'll stay in the rather long list of FanPosts on the left sidebar which tend to stay there for a few days. But right now, we have a results page recced so other content that is more worthy is being kept off the Front Page.

Some of the content that has bumped from the Front Page:

Jon Jones and his Monkey Style, should the UFC alter the rules?

Your Weekend in Combat Sports (September 28-30)

Here Are The Rest Of My MMA Art Pieces. Enjoy!

I encourage you all to check out the FanPosts section of the site, and I know requests have been made to give us more FanPosts on the Front Page. So until that possibly happens, don't rec BECW FanPosts. I'd hate a good article to get bumped off the Front Page and away from as many eyes as possible for our stupid (awesome) fantasy game.

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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