Pat Healy Talks Cancelation Of Strikeforce Fight With Gilbert Melendez

The Strikeforce Lightweight responds to the cancellation of his title fight against Gilbert Melendez. Matt Bishop of Bloody Elbow radio gets the interview.

Strikeforce lightweight title contender Pat Healy spoke with Bloody Elbow Radio's Matt Bishop for a special edition of Bloody Elbow Radio Extra late Sunday night shortly after the news broke about the cancelation of Saturday's Strikeforce: Melendez vs. Healy where Healy was going to challenge Gilbert Melendez for the Strikeforce lightweight title.

Melendez had to pull out of the event due to an injury and Strikeforce and Showtime pulled the plug on the rest of the show. Hear from Healy as he discusses the cancelation:

Healy recalls how he heard about the news from his manager Matt Lindland:

"I was sitting down, I had made myself a little camp fire in my backyard and I was sitting out there and my phone rang. Usually, I have this thing where, especially before a fight, I don't really answer the phone after 9 o'clock, but I knew Matt calling at that time, literally my heart sunk. I knew. I had this bad feeling. Matt usually doesn't call me later like that. I knew it couldn't be good news."

Follow us after the jump to read what Healy had to say about the cancelation, what his situation is like financially and his thoughts on a potential interim title fight with Josh Thomson.


Healy on how he heard the news of the event's cancelation:

All I know is that they called my manager Matt Lindland and said Gil was out and they're not going to try to put anybody else in. They didn't even tell me the whole card was canceled. And I won't be fighting again until Gil is healthy to fight.

On if he would've accepted a replacement opponent:

I would've taken any fight they put in front of me. I've always been that way. I never not accept a fight. I don't think it should even be up to us to choose. If they have a fight, I'll fight anyone. Three rounds, five rounds, it wouldn't have mattered.

On how this affects his bottom line:

It depends how long I'm going to have to wait. If I have to wait for Gil and he's out six months, then I'm definitely going to be in trouble. Going into camps, you spend a lot of money on food, I eat all organic, grass-fed meat, you bring guys in, pay guys money. I'm working with a couple guys three times a week who I pay for the sessions. It definitely hurts you financially. And when you have nothing to recoup it, it's pretty devastating.

On if he can take anything positive from this:

I was 110 percent going into this fight. I've been so excited, so ready. I don't see any upside. Even trying to be as positive as I can, I don't see any upside to this fight stopping.

On his immediate future:

I'm like in a daze, still. I have to think about, if Gil's going to be out six months and I have to wait the whole time, I have to start making some plans to make money right now so I'm not in a situation where I have to make money right before training for a fight. I'm probably going to get back in touch with BJ Penn and see if he needs me back out in Hawaii right now, or I've been really wanting to go to Thailand, and we have a Team Quest in Thailand, so I'm going to contact those guys and see if I can do some coaching out there and some training. That's just off the top of my head.

On looking to get on the November show:

I'd love to fight. Shoot, me and Josh, they do the interim titles in the UFC, so why not do it if Gil's going to be out of a long time? Me and Josh can do a five-round fight for the interim title in November and that can be a good main event or co-main event, depending on what happens with that card.

On fighting Thomson despite spending so much time with him recently in Penn's camp:

Yeah, sure, man. This is business. I'm in the fight business, I'm down to fight whoever.

Bloody Elbow Radio returns to the air at 1 p.m. ET on Tuesday with further analysis of the Strikeforce cancelation. We'll be joined by Bellator CEO Bjorn Rebney.

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