Strikeforce Cancellation Highlights Need to Close Up Shop

Strikeforce is becoming a punchline, and the joke isn't very good. People have been ragging on them - and for good reason - for many moons now, and this latest setback is just more gas for the fire.

I can already hear some of you saying, "Hey dummy, the UFC just cancelled an event too. You think they should close, too?!"

Now, I'll cachet this statement with one little caveat, if Strikeforce is willing to turn itself into a full fledged minor-league organization, the way Bellator is, then they should stick it out. What they're doing right now, which is pretending they're still a major force in MMA promoting, is a joke. Full on Strikefarce.

Them pretending they are a premier MMA organization is doing nothing but hurt their fighters who are being deprived of fights and of sponsorships. Bellator has put on 14 fights this year with another 11 planned before the year ends. Strikeforce has held five.


With this one cancelled, they are left with one more event scheduled for this year, and wouldn't ya know... that main event is also scrapped. How about that.

They're holding down fighters like Ronaldo Souza, who hasn't fought more than twice a year in four years despite not being injured. Fighters like Tyron Woodley, who hasn't fought more than twice a year in three years despite not being injured. Fighters like Gilbert Melendez, who was about to have only his fifth fight in the last three years - once again, despite not being injured (until now).

We're talking about a pair of consensus top-20 fighters and the number two ranked lightweight in the world not fighting simply because the promotion they're signed to isn't holding events.

If Strikeforce can't get their collective asses in gear and do one of two things, then they need to just face the facts that they're done. Either bring in enough people so their fighters can have the opportunity to get in the cage more than once in a blue moon or let some of the stars walk and bring in a bunch of young prospects to hold enough cards that way.

They haven't had a year of single-digit events since they were a fledgling regional promotion in 2008 - a plucky young org that was just starting to run a couple of events outside of California.

Look, they're clearly dying. Either end it, or reinvent it, but the way they're going now is a joke that's hurting the careers and livelihoods of the athletes in this sport and that's unacceptable.

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