BECW4: UFC 152 Live Discussion +11 Extravaganza


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Greetings, long-lost friends and afrotikiman. Tonight we get treated to a rare spectacle of premier fisticuffs with two title fights on the line. Jonny "Bones" Jones will perform yet another beautiful display of destruction to your heroes from your days of nostalgia. Two tiny tornadoes have a chance of fight of the year in a bout that many of you will be too drunk to keep up with at that point. Silver Star recipient Brian Stann will face off against H-Bomb recipient Michael Bisping. Swanson/Oliveira should end decisively, Vinny's debut is interesting, Hettes-Brimage is a very important fight despite being buried in the card, so it should be a fun night of fights.

Tonight's BECW Schedule

Sexysassy Division

kreally's SO BILL NAI (1-0) vs. 19miles' Full Etim (1-0)

lanky6's The Good, The Bad, and the Dolloway (0-1) vs. Horselover's Fucked for Free (0-1)

Intellegent Division

POW's Cock Guys (1-0) vs. Sweet Scientist's Unadulterated Espousers of Hate (1-0)

benten20's Buttertooth Brits (0-1) vs. sklart's The Dogcunt Sklarts (0-1)

Ketchup Division

Violent Newt's Wrong Pick Hospital, Right Pick Necessary (1-0) vs. wonderfulspam's BECWandDietPepsi (1-0)

PFP's Antonio Rodrigo Nohomos (0-1) vs. Tim Bernier's The Team That Wars (0-1)

3 undefeated teams will remain after tonight, and 3 teams will be on their way to As Real As It Gets-level failure. lanky6 used his one replacement option for the season to bring manch1ld onto his poor excuse for a team after KZSP's no-show during week 1. Fight card's below, complete with fancy Wikipedia links even though no one will probably use them.

Main Card (PPV)
Weight Class Red Corner Blue Corner

Light Heavyweight Championship United States Jon Jones (c) vs Brazil Vitor Belfort
Flyweight Championship United States Joseph Benavidez vs United States Demetrious Johnson
Middleweight England Michael Bisping vs United States Brian Stann
Light Heavyweight United States Matt Hamill vs Canada Roger Hollett
Catchweight (146.4 lbs.) United States Cub Swanson vs Brazil Charles Oliveira
Preliminary Card (FX and Sportsnet)
Light Heavyweight Croatia Igor Pokrajac vs Brazil Vinny Magalhães
Lightweight Canada TJ Grant vs United States Evan Dunham
Welterweight Canada Sean Pierson vs United States Lance Benoist
Featherweight United States Jimy Hettes vs United States Marcus Brimage
Preliminary Card (Facebook)
Welterweight United States Seth Baczynski vs Norway Simeon Thoresen
Bantamweight Canada Mitch Gagnon vs United States Walel Watson
Welterweight Australia Kyle Noke vs United States Charlie Brenneman


A big congratulations is due to Luke Nelson and Unabomberman for being terrible teammates by the way, even with six weeks in between events they still managed to find a way to turn in absolutely zero picks. Make sure you all let them know that they are the worst type of person. Sklart and Bernier, if you want to use your replacement option, email Spam, Horsey, or I before the next event, the sooner the better for your sake.

Also, Horselover is busy reading his Intro to Microsoft Office textbook so he isn't quite finished with the spreadsheet, but let's just say there may be a couple slight inconveniences with it tonight. Check the comments for info on it. Now then...


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