BJJ and training Discussion #02

Hey all.

This is a follow on from my previous post talking about BJJ and training combat sports in general. You can find my post here Previous post . The comment section is a worth while read. Since then Training dairies and some technique videos have popped up. Lets go over everything one more time and talk all things training.

After the jump, link to articles, videos and I post a training roll for everyone to pick apart.

Firstly Training posts from fellow BE posters.

Next Patrick Tenney created some brilliant technique videos for everyone.

They are as follows:

D'Arce from Top Half

No-Gi Hooking in Guard

"Wrong Side" Back Control And RNC

His Guard pass series

Guard triple attack series


New videos!

Back Control Details and the Arm Triangle Part 1:

Back Control to Arm Triangle Part 2:

Back Control to Arm Triangle Part 3:

Thank you for the excellent posts and taking the time to write up your experiences. A massive thank you to Patrick for Creating the videos and making them available for all of us to watch. I hope you don't mind me linking your work here. Any problems let me know and ill edit it out for you.

As for me? Last time I wrote a post I was in a form slump and struggling with lack of development. Since then I have been playing much more top game with a focus on taking mount and holding it while working for something. I have noticed my mount and top game has improved out of sight. I have been really enjoying rounding my game now.

I taped a roll last night with a blue belt at my gym for everyone to enjoy and give feedback on.

A few notes about the roll; We don't stall ever and we don't muscle on a sub. ( I am the tall white belt/blue gi. Dan Is the smaller blue belt with the white GI).

Feedback welcome. If you want a rolling breakdown of what the hell i was trying to doing, just ask.


Get me a @tell_buckley on twitter.

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