Legacy FC, Road FC, And KSW - GIF Round Up

Rounding out another week without a UFC event, it seems like there has been a serious drought of MMA action. However, As we showed you last night with Legacy FC, there's still plenty of mixed martial arts actions going on. In an attempt to quench the the general bloodthirst that wasn't sated by Saturday night's boxing events, Zombie Prophet and I are highlighting the action from some of the lesser known MMA orgs putting on event's this weekend.

As BE featured Friday night, Legacy FC had an action packed event that featured two especially incredible submission finishes. Saturday afternoon followed up with some long missed Asian MMA from Road FC 9. Hardcore fan favorite Minowaman returned to pick up a well deserved win. Finally, the Polish KSW brought a lot of excitement with their Saturday night fights as well.

After the jump, check out all the GIF highlights from this weekends less recognized promotions.

Legacy Fighting Championship

This is one of the slickest submissions you'll see pulled off this year. Jeff Rexroad sunk in a very rare choke to submit Lucas Pimenta. It looks very much like the choke Nick Pace used to submit Will Campuzano at the TUF 12 Finale; However, I asked T.P. Grant to identify the submission and he called it a Ninja Choke. Considering the sequence, I can't argue at all and a Ninja Choke it is.


Steven Peterson pulls off an incredibly slick omaplata here, using the far arm of Cody Williams to control movement.


ROAD FC - Beatdown

Ikuhisa Minowa locks in a tight Kimura to defeat Jin Soo Yuk, Considering the record of Minowaman, I assume Jin Soo Yuk is 1000 lbs of pure muscle surviving from the long past Proterozoic era.


Although it was set up with a solid straight right hand, Takasuke Kume finished with an aggressive rear naked choke. Bu the time he recovered from the strike, Chang Hyun Kim had no way to defend the submission.


Yong Jae Lee does homage to the legendary Pancrase Bas Rutten here. Rutten has an always will praise the use of strong body attacks to set up the infamous "liver kick" finish. Won Gi Kim succumbed to Lee's torso onslaught:



Apparently former TUF veteran won a close decision at some point, so I guess that's something. However, in the co-main event, Jack Marshman managed to force a tap with strikes as he locked in a loose triangle choke on Andrew Punshon.


KSW 20 - Fighting Symphony

In a valiant effort to protect himself, Jack Misiewski tried the almost insurmountable butt-in-face defense against Kamil Walus. Unfortunately for Jack, it just wasn't enough to deter Kamil's fist pounding offense.


Rafal Moks learned the hard way. If you punch a man named Borys, he will beat the living crap out of you


In avoiding an armbar, Houston Alexander does his best Slampage impression. Unfortunately for Houston, his impersonation is severely lacking in realistic portrayal of the 2004 Pride event. Alexander dumps Jan Blachowicz on his head, but eventually loses the decision.


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