Legacy Fighting Championships 14 Highlights And Gifs

Highlights of Legacy Fighting Championships 14 with animated gifs by Zombie Prophet.

Once again Zombie Prophet has favored us with animated gifs capturing the highlights from tonight's Legacy Fighting Championships 14.

Here's the fight card:

Interim Welterweight Title - Jeff Rexroad vs. Luca Pimenta
Josh Sampo vs. Antonio Banuelos
Matt "Danger" Schnell vs. Ryan Hollis
Cody Williams vs. Steven Peterson
Brandan Farran vs. TBD
Darrion Caldwell vs. David Armas
Lester Batres vs. Jon Harris

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Gifs after the jump...


In the headliner for the interim LFC Welterweight title, Jeff Rexroad caught Lucas Pimenta in a modified Pace choke. Zombie called it a triangleplata.


Josh Sampo drops WEC veteran Antonio Banuelos with a superman punch.


And that's too bad for Williams because Peterson catches him with an omaplata variation that finishes him. If anyone knows exactly what Peterson did here with the opposite arm trapping please let us know in the comments.


Cody Williams twice drops Steven Peterson with a left-right combination but can't quite get the finish.


Krantz was able to turn things around though and finished Farran with a rear naked choke despite not having a clearly established back mount (no hooks in).


Brandon Farran drops Derrick Krantz with a reaping leg sweep straight to side mount, a technique right of a judo textbook.


Lester Batres finishes Jon Harris with an attack combining knees and punches (and a little inadvertent head butt on the way down).


Ryan Hollis lands a sweet side kick on Matt Schnell. It was impressive but not impressive enough to convince 2/3 of the judges he should get the win, dropping a split decision to Schnell.


Darrion Caldwell gets the decision over David Armas.

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