UFC 153: "Boy...That Escalated Quickly."



"I mean, that REALLY got out of hand fast."

"It jumped up a notch."

"It did, didn't it?"

One minute UFC 153 was headlined by a Featherweight title fight between Jose "Cancel and Postpone Every Fight" Aldo and Frankie Edgar. In the co-main event, we were to be treated to Glover "Messed up Kingsbury worse than the motorcycle accident" Teixeira retiring Quinton Jackson from the UFC with 3 straight losses.

Then Jose Aldo lived up to his reputation and pulled out of the fight with an injury and Rampage decided that he wanted to call himself a UFC fighter for a few more months.

NOW the card is going to be headlined by a Light Heavyweight match between the Pound-For-Pound King Anderson Silva and the always game Stephan Bonnar. The co-main? Glover Teixeira taking on the equally game Fabio Maldonaldo. We get a bonus fight, too! Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira returning to the cage against Dave "Jiu Jitsu Doesn't Work on Me" Herman.

Some people are complaining about the Silva vs Bonnar fight. But the UFC did what Brock Lesnar would do: Make chicken salad out of chicken shit. Here is what I think of the new main event matchup.

Anderson Silva vs Stephan Bonnar - This isn't Anderson making a legitimate run at 205. This is a showcase fight. Anderson Silva is the Pound-For-Pound greatest fighter on the planet. He is the longest reigning UFC champion of all time and hands down the absolute greatest Middleweight fighter of all time. He has moved up to take fights at 205 twice. Once against a gatekeeper in James Irvin, and once against Forrest Griffin, who had just lost his Light Heavyweight title. There are a few reasons that Stephan Bonnar is a perfectly acceptable 3rd fight in the division.

Believe it or not, Bonnar IS on a 3 fight winning streak, he's not at the bottom of the barrel. One way or another was right on the cusp of(or in the middle of) making "one last run", he proved in his last 3 fights that he is still capable of getting wins over decent competition. You know what else he has proved throughout his entire career? He is tough as nails. The guy can take an ungodly amount of punishment. He has an insane chin and never stops going for a win. He'll give it his all against Anderson Silva and it'll be entertaining for every minute that it lasts. He has the opportunity to face(and a one in a million chance of defeating) one of the greatest fighters of all time.

As for Anderson Silva? He is the pound for pound best. This fight gives him a few things. A chance to extend his amazing winning streak, a chance to further earn the title of being the 'pound for pound best' by winning a 3rd fight in the next weight class up from where he naturally fights at, and a chance to get a victory over an insanely tough opponent who has strung together a few wins and has a bit of momentum.

We get to see a man who, in my opinion, is the greatest fighter of all time jump up in weight for a THIRD time and take on a grizzled, currently surging veteran who doesn't know the meaning of the word quit. When the two biggest fights on a card get decimated one month out, what more could you ask for?

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