10 Reasons Why Stephan Bonnar Can and Will Beat Anderson Silva



I have conducted an advanced and complete scientific analysis of this bout. I have administered it with full academic rigour, peer reviewing it myself. For easier readability, I have put it in list form, as the unedited algorithms I employed would not be suitable for a lay audience. Stephan Bonnar is a warrior.

1. They both have black belts in BJJ and Taekwondo, but Bonnar has Golden Gloves. Anderson Silva does not have Golden Gloves. Hence, Bonnar is the better and more accomplished striker. Advantage Bonnar

2. Stephan is an American and hence is naturally a vastly superior wrestler. This is evidenced by his nickname, which emphasizes that he is American and not French (who have poor wrestling). Advantage Bonnar.

3. Anderson may have defeated Griffin convincingly, but he has only fought Forrest once. Stephan has fought Forrest twice. Advantage Bonnar.

4. Stephan knocked out the Polish Experiment, something Anderson has NEVER done in his entire career. Advantage Bonnar.

5. Bonnar survived the mental strain of the reality TV house and even reached the finals. Hence, he is mentally stronger than Anderson. Advantage Bonnar.

6. Anderson may have knocked James Irvin out in the first round, but Bonnar submitted him in the first round. This showed that Bonnar had the smarts to take the fight to where his opponent was weakest, while Anderson did not. Hence, Bonnar has greater fight IQ than Anderson. Advantage Bonnar.

7. Stephan made his pro debut against Brian Ebersole. Anderson made his pro debut against some unknown Brazilian can. Stephan thus had the tougher career since he started out tougher. Advantage Bonnar.

8. Stephan fought Jon Jones for THREE ROUNDS. Anderson Silva does not want to fight Jon Jones. Stephan Bonnar thus has more heart and courage. Advantage Bonnar.

9. Stephan has never been heel-hooked. In fact, he has never been submitted. Anderson has been submitted by small Japanese men. Stephan thus has the superior ground game. Advantage Bonnar.

10. Stephan bleeds all the time in his fights but fights better when he bleeds. Anderson has never been really cut, showing that he is afraid of blood and taking damage. Stephan is not. Hence, Stephan is more durable and has the better chin. Stephan Bonnar is a warrior. Advantage Bonnar.

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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