ECSN: CM Punk Blasts Jon Jones, An American Gold Medal In Boxing, UFC 150 Previews And More

There was no Evening Combat Sports News last night as I was sick, I'm still sick today but at least I'm not putting in 17 hours of sleep today.

We start tonight in the world of pro-wrestling where CM Punk took to Twitter to fire a shot at Jon Jones and his new Nike deal. Here's the tweet:

Let's reward more drunk drivers with endorsement deals! #responsibility
Aug 09 via Twitter for iPhone Favorite Retweet Reply

There's a bit going on here. For starters, Punk recently had a bit of a "heel turn" (meaning he "became a bad guy"). This has some people thinking he's just being a jerk for his character, but his Twitter feed is basically still the same as ever.

Punk is also "Straight Edge" (doesn't do drugs/drink alcohol) so it's entirely understandable why he would be upset that Jones is being rewarded for his irresponsible behavior, given drunk driving is the extreme opposite of Punk's personal beliefs.

Ultimately, what a pro wrestler thinks of Jones (or any fighter for that matter) is unimportant and has no real value. But Punk is saying what a lot of people were thinking when the Nike deal was announced. Jones is coming right off a drunk driving accident and arrest, the worst and most embarrassing moment of his career, and he's getting a huge sponsorship deal. It is a bit of a surprise that Nike would want to get in the Jon Jones business right now.

The USA picked up their first Olympic gold medal for boxing since Andre Ward in 2004 when Claressa Shields won her finals bout today over Nadezda Torlopova, by a score of 19-12.

This is the video that best captures my enthusiasm:


After reports months ago that Frank Trigg had choked his wife in front of his children, charges he denied, he was arrested in Las Vegas for those very charges. He has a court date set for August 10.

If this is true and Trigg is guilty of choking his children's mother in front of them, it makes him one of the absolute worst kinds of people. His status as a former title contender won't define him, his being a piece of garbage will.

After an embarrassing performance at UFC 149, Hector Lombard is now saying that he had a fractured sternum with torn cartilage. If that's true, it's a bit of an excuse for a performance that saw him do little to nothing all fight. But, it wasn't that far outside some of his other performances.

If he follows up this fight with another similarly unimpressive performance, that may very well be the end of his time as a relevant fighter.

Speaking of guys whose time as a relevant fighter may have come to an end, the last stand of Jake Shields might just come this Saturday at UFC 150. Fraser Cofeen took a look at the situation Shields finds himself in on the card when he takes on Ed Herman.

The fight was also dissected by Dallas Winston in his usual ultra comprehensive style. Dallas also broke down Yushin Okami's bout with Buddy Roberts.

A few quick stories from the day:

Ronda Rousey was on Conan O'Brien and we had the video of her appearance.

The UFC 150 pre-fight press conference went down today.

Also, Ed Herman gave some insight into the frustration that has to be felt by many fighters when he told Steph "Crooklyn" Daniels that it's not who the best fighter is that decides who gets the big fights.

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