Meeting Roger Huerta@TigerMuayThai

Greetings BE family.

I've been in Thailand for the past two and half months, travelling all over Thailand succussfully seeing the majority of it. The real reason I came to Thailand was to train Muay Thai while my girlfriend did scuba diving, which worked out perfectly. I would train 8-9:30 in the morning and 4-5:30 on a daily basis ( I added the second session after about two weeks time) before lazing around on the beach and enjoying paradise. Life's pretty good.

I just got to Phuket last week and have been training at Tiger Muay Thai since. The training is MUCH different than I'm used to (not necessarily in a good way) but has still been fun. I've met a lot of interesting people, several pro muay thai fighters and, of course, Roger Huerta.

I first saw Roger when I was in the weight room and he zipped up on his scooter, stopped right outside and came in to say hey to Peter, the personal trainer at Tiger. I was totally blown away, Roger has been one of my favorite fighters ever since he choked out that choking bastard Clay Guida (my mates know my well documented history of hating on Guida looonnng before the Maynard saga) and didn't think he would be at Tiger. I was under the illusion he was still with Phuket Top Team and that I would have to hope that sometime when I stopped by he would be around. Anyways, I was totally all starstruck and googly eyed and he fucked off before I even had a chance to say hi.

I saw him the next day and we actually got to talking a little bit, here's a brief breakdown of it went;

-Said he doesn't remember the soccer kick from hell at all, he was knocked out on his feet and the kick was just kind of a reminder to fall down. We both laughed, saying that was probably for the best. He said he's naturally only about 164 when he's in shape and that welterweight isn't a good weight for him, so he's moving back down to lightweight (which I gushed about, saying how much I liked him at 155).

-He's taking some time off to reconsider his career and heal up. Apparently he had some injuries going into the fight already (didn't say what exactly) and needs to go get a few more MRI's before he can fight again (shocker).

-Right now he's currently running TMT's MMA program (Brian Ebersole is fuck knows where, I keep asking people and they keep saying "gone") until December, at which point he said he's probably going to head back stateside. I mentioned maybe training in Brazil with Black House or something, considering his Latin heritage (I know they speak Portuguese, not Spanish) and the climate it might be a good fit for him and he sort of maybe considered it for a second.

-He's going to keep fighting.

Since then I've seen him around camp basically everyday and we've either just shot the shit or just nodded and went to whatever it is we were going to. Super nice guy, super laid back, super dreamy. Weird that he's bald now though.

Anyhow, if you guys have any questions about that or want something from Roger (not a lock of his hair) let me know. If there's enough interest I'll do a fairly comprehensive write up on my time training in Thailand and especially TMT.

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