BECW4 Info

Ok, there is a fucking cornucopia of information to unleash in this fanpost about our upcoming season, so brace yourselves. It's going to break down like this.

  • Info For Interested Non-Players About the Prospect Camp
  • Final Roster
  • Draft Information
  • Captain Confirmation
  • Rookies Need To Join BECW Camp
  • Division Information


This will be our fourth season into this competition, and it just keeps growing and becoming even more entertaining for the community members. It's a team-based competition where we attempt to predict the outcome of fights, which fighter will win, and in what round and what method (KO, Sub, or Decision). Many of us are not that good, so don't be intimidated. If you're interested in participating in season 5, or even if you're on the fence about whether or not you can commit to it, give the prediction thing a shot without having to worry about anything by signing up for PG if you're not already a member of the site and joining the BE Prospects camp afterwards to get a feel for how scoring works. Anyone is more than welcome to join.


BE Name PG Name
19miles 19miles
1N87 1N87
40Cal 40Cal
Patrick Tenney AboveThisFire
afrotikiman afrotikiman
Ak.Death AkDeath
Andy Davis Andy_Davis
Tim Burke Beermonster
Ben Bauman benbauman
benten20 benten20
Body Triangle bodytriangle
bonesthebaptist bonesthebaptist
Bookhouse Bookhouse
BROCKLESNAR!!!!!! Brock_Lesnar
brutalbobbyt brutalbobbyt
BuddyRevell BuddyRevell
Tim Bernier chicubs23
Chris Groves Chris_Groves
clayguidashair clayguidashair
cmons cmons
DarthRevan DarthRevan
DetroitDrew1980 DetroitDrew
Dangalvan Dgalvan
DirtyML DirtyML
discoandherpes discoandherpes
DreamingOfFighting DreamingOfFighting
dribblebib dribblebib
duck duck
Brent Ducharme dutchbaby
Farthammer Farthammer
Fedorable Fedorable
Patrick Wyman fightinghistorian
forkboy forkboy
Fraser Coffeen FraserCoffeen
GreyedOut GreyedOut
Brad Ackerson grits207
gugabe gugabe
gxc gxc
George Halvatzis Jr. halitosis
hardy's in your face hardysinyourface
HaterSlayer HaterSlayer
Horselover Fat Horselover_Fat
HurricaneHeron HurricaneHeron
Imaginary Enemy Imaginary_Enemy
Paulo Filho's Psychiatrist inadvertentgroinstrike
inthepipes inthepipes
IvanIllich IvanIllich
jafotinatos jafotinatos
jason18 jason18
Jeffigatame Jeffigatame
Jeremy Couturier Jeremy_Couturier
John Danaher's Hair JohnDanahersHair
Josh Hall JoshHall
juanchoD JuanchoD
KatGirl KatGirl
KJ Zametov St-Pierre KJ_ZametovStPierre
kreally kreally
lakustra lakustra
lanky6 lanky6
Luke Nelson LukeNelson
Magaca Magaca
MJB! Marc1055
Marcu$ Marcus27
memitim memitim
milk72 milk217
mlzybaby mlzybaby
Dave Strummer Montefisto
Earl Montclair MostDiabolicalHater
MaZZacare MrMazz
NickaG nickagisawesome
Our Bovine Public OurBovinePublic
Pat Tzu PatTzu
PelvicThrust PelvicThrust
phantasma475 phantasma475
Rob Young Polyh3dron
Pookie_Gnome Pookie_Gnome
Robert Cowan RobertCowan
RonSwanson RonSwanson
RStephen4 RStephen4
Rutager Rutager
ScoreCardOTN ScoreCardOTN
sday420 sday420
Seth Smiley SethSmiley
sgiblin sgiblin
skeebop skeebop
sklart sklart
KMcCaig slimdigg
Sugel Mendoza sMendo7
Snatchl Snatchl_BE
-Neil- Some_Guy
SSReporters SSReporters
SteveevaD SteveevaD
StevenGiles StevenGiles
sun yue sunyue
swiftman swiftman
Tats16 Tats
T.C. Engel TCEngel
Matt Bishop TheBoss
ThirdParty ThirdParty
thuggis thuggis
TitanFan2K TitanFan2K
Sweet Scientist tokitok
tomvale13 tomvale13
triangled triangled
trice trice
Unabomberman Unabomberman
Violent Newt ViolentNewt
Waristotle Waristotle
CJD2502 WeAllHateCaleb
wonderfulspam wonderfulspam
Zachary Kater zakkree


The draft will kick off on Thursday, August 9th, at 7PM EST. We'll have a fanpost up just prior to then, it will have a public Google spreadsheet available for people to follow along with to see where they're drafted. Go crazy in the fanpost's comments if you'd like, as the captains will not use it to announce picks like in previous seasons, and won't have to worry about it being cluttered. Captains will have a separate spreadsheet where they can use the chat window to discuss anything related to the drafting process, and we can make sure that people don't try to draft the same person nineteen times before adding it to the public one.


The last thing we need is for one of the captains to suddenly go MIA before the draft and not show up for it, leaving me to autodraft a team in place of them. Most of you have engaged in recent email exchanges, but everyone needs to leave a comment here confirming they're in, or email the BECIVILWAR gmail account soon. Something. I don't have a set deadline but if Spam and I haven't heard from you soon, we may have to replace you with another captain to keep the draft intact.


PG doesn't let you stay in more than one fight camp at a time, and it would be pointless anyways, so you need to first leave the BE Prospects camp if you are a member by going to the "My Fight Camp" page. Everyone involved with season 4 that isn't already a member of the BECW camp need to request to join the camp immediately.


For this season, most captains decided we should name our divisions in honor of some of BE's most famous memes. I also had captains call out who they wanted to compete against TUF-style in order to stack the divisions. Keep in mind I don't have any of the team names yet so they'll be listed by which captain represents them until I get confirmation about what they're going with. So, without any further ado, here is how the divisions are arranged.

Horselover Fat POW wonderfulspam
lanky6 Benten20 Paulo Filho's Psychiatrist
kreally sklart Violent Newt
19miles Sweet Scientist Tim Bernier

For the division named in honor of Jake Shields' attractiveness, Horselover and lanky both pulled the same shit that 90% of UFC fighters do, "I'll face whoever you put in front of me blah blah blah" but Horselover finally caved and named kreally. 19miles Nick Diaz'ed the email exchange so he gets stuck with these other non-confrontational people (and kreally).

For the division that represents Michael Bisping's greatest fan, we have a bunch of people who all had no problems throwing the other under the bus so it should make for lots of trash-talk throughout the season, although Ben will most likely just thank everyone constantly and do whatever else nice people do.

Finally, the division that goes out to all the natural born wrestlers with power in both hands to break faces, or something similar, will feature a new rendition of season 3's biggest rivalry with Spam and Newt in the same division, and at least a couple of rematches of captains who made it to season 3's finals, with PFP's team taking home the gold. Will Newt keep his team from imploding throughout this season? Can Spam get redemption against PFP? Or will new captain Tim Bernier lead his team to victory, or fail miserably like his favorite baseball team?

So, there you have it. This covers a lot of topics to get the ball rolling on this next season, so if you have any questions, feel free to ask. If I forgot to mention anything that you're curious about, let me know. Oh, and go make your picks for UFC 150 and get it over with PLEASE. The last thing we need is someone not making their picks on the first damn event. See you Thursday!

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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