Fanatics On Fight Night!

When fight night is upon us, the anticipation and pre-fight build-up is over, snacks are on the table, your buddies around, the beer is pouring, what have you. I am doing this write-up to get in the mind of you fight fanatics out there,to know exactly what was going on at the crib. Anything special or worth speaking of? Share please, in the comment section below.

Ufc Live 3

Back on March 3rd of 2011, a Thursday night of fights amongst us, Diego "the dream" Sanchez taking on Martin
"the hitman" Kampmann live and free on versus! Prior to the third event on versus, I never really cared to see the fights on the new UFC Live broadcasting channel, versus.

Thursday night and the stacked card of Competitors, that I favor over most random fighters on the UFC roster were featured, Cyrille "the snake" Diabate and Dongi Yang were two, A bout between Cub Swanson and Erik Koch was one of the dozen fights to be expected that night, but never held up due to "injury".

The Night of fights was awesome, with Blood= Chris Weidman vs Alessio Sakara + submissions and Knockouts! Not including the Headliner, by the time the main event came around, I was already extremely satisfied with the total valiant effort that i had seen out of all of the competitors on the night, so the rest was just icing on the cake!

Fight under way and immediately they were gauging the distance and being shy to pull the trigger, few minutes passed and some blood here and there but no real fury yet, suddenly Diego gets stunned and falls, only to pop right back up like a weeble wobble, end of round one and it looked to me like Kampmann was well on his way to coasting through a slower, weaker, poor striking Diego Sanchez.

Second round underway and more of the same by both men, almost midway point commentators get bored as usual, they start to ramble amongst each other, "Diego looks like he has a considerable amount of body fat around his mid section" says Joe Rogan, at that exact moment I remember thinking, "No joe, Diego just sucks." Before ya know, a sudden flurry or possible clash of heads causing a cut over the right eye of Martin,shifted momentum toward Sanchez side, and the nightmare now dream, just started throwing the wildest hands i've ever seen in a UFC fight and the part I wasn't understanding is why HIS face was looking more and more beat up the more HE threw punches. Second round ends and I definitely had Sanchez stealing that round, just by sudden massive output and will.

Third and Final, Looks like the winner of the round gets the nod here, Sanchez again with an insane amount of heart just throwing himself in the fire, face first and leaving everything he had physically and took as much damage he needed to to make that bout a barn burner and go out on his shield! Nothing taking away from The hitman being he bloodied the nightmare up more than anyone else at the stacked weight class of 170. By the time the Decision announcement was going on I really didn't care who the fight had gone to, it was just a pleasure to be a witness to such an epic battle.

And Diego gets the nod, blood still spewing out of his mouth onto his chest, still happy as can be.



Final Thoughts: In a real battle/war, whatever you call it, such as Sanchez-Kampmann. How can there be a real loser declared in the opinion of the powers, Dana White and Fertittas, I mean, what a great showing by both and really all men that night of march 3rd, 2011. Such a close main event, the internet buzz was crazy about the decision call, with many fans believing the first two rounds at least had definitely gone to the hitman and rightly so if the face told the story.

When the fists a fly, submission attempts/escapes go off, the face cuts show up and the crowd is Crazing, any action beyond that point is all bonus material in my opinion, compared to "some" fighters burying there face in the mat and tapping. (>>>>>>Charlie Breneeman<<<<< vs Erick Silva- No dis, just observation...quick payday i guess...

Lastly- In my honest and humble opinion, I believe such fights like Kampmann-Sanchez should be praised greatly, neither man should have taken a step backward in their careers...

Kampmann should have fought Jake Ellenburger on fuel, instead of Diego Sanchez
Diego could have fought Thiago Alves on FX instead of Kampann-Alves
both would have been better for the division at the time and more exciting in my opinion
Then Kampann-Condit would be fighting instead of the Welterweight division losing it's value day by day...

share your play by play, funny moments, or anything interesting below

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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